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Kulki Jul 30, 2002 09:03 AM
Help! Quark 'Bad File Format'
Am working in Quark 5 and last night during saving of a file, the messge 'unexplained error' came up and then when I tried to save it said out of memory. Quit Quark, tried to open the file i'm working on and it says 'bad file format -70'

now i desperately need a fix. This was a magazine file set to go to press (which is naturally late...). I know Markztools used to fix quark 4 documents, but unfortunately, i'm in quark 5....desparate for help....
tony.eastwood Jul 30, 2002 01:56 PM
Have you tried quitting Quark, trashing the Quark preferences and relaunching the file? Open the file within Quark, NOT by clicking the doc icon.

And the thing about Marktools is that it allows you to open higher version docs. I can't test this as I only have Q4 but if you have access to Q4 couldn't you open the doc in 4 and utilise Markztools which, as you say, only works up to Q4 - and then take it back to 5 if you really need to? Just a thought.

Link for future reference (avoiding -70)
<a href=" rmat%22&qs=&qc=entireus&pw=100%25&ws=0&qm=0&st=1&n h=10&lk=1&rf=0&rq=0&si=0" target="_blank"> rmat%22&qs=&qc=entireus&pw=100%25&ws=0&qm=0&st=1&n h=10&lk=1&rf=0&rq=0&si=0</a>
Not sure that I have been any help.


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