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jd Apr 2, 2000 07:20 AM
upgrades/patches for non US OS systems
Scanning through most forums and Apple tech web sites, I am puzzled by the fact that Many upgrades (to OS 9.04, patch for imovies, firewire2.2.2,IE 5, etc, etc)are only available for US machines.
French, living in France, I bought a French configurated ImacDVSE.
If I try to download fixes/upgrade not found in French/Universal, it just won't work.
any suggestions on how foreign folks can get the same upgrade/fixes than US folks? (Short of reinstalling a US OS9.0, bad idea for my kids using french keyboards and all?)

wlonh Apr 2, 2000 08:08 AM
jd Apr 3, 2000 06:45 AM
Thanks. I looked there but run into the same problems, ie unlike most wintel applications, only french or french universal updates will load and install properly on my machine. Bottom line is apple seems to forget that it's a big big world out there and there is a huge gap in upgrades between the US and the rest of the world---same goes with gear, Isub is no where to be found on euro apple sites..)
wlonh Apr 3, 2000 07:58 AM
well, there are French versions... the URL i posted most certainly has the French versions of many Apple updates...

this is the French/Universal FireWire 2.2.2 Update RIGHT HERE:

and it was gotten from the URL i posted for you!

MacOS 9.04 has not been released to the general public yet, US citizens can't download it yet!

if you want IE 5, you should complain to Microsoft!
jd Apr 3, 2000 08:55 AM
thanks re firewire frustration was with the imovie update which crashed my system after i downloaded it.
I have now red all about OS9.04's release/not release! waiting for OSX seems prudent!
thanks for you patience.

iPaul UK Apr 3, 2000 09:14 AM
Apple can keep OS-X for all I care.. It looks awful! Anyway, Us UK Mac users don't have it any better than the French. For instance.. There is still no alternative to the original DVD 2.0 beta software! This is made worse by the fact that Macs cost more here in Europe too. Now that is what I call a raw deal!
jd Apr 5, 2000 08:59 AM
looks like someone at apple paid attention.... 9.04 and DVD2.2 now available, in french, english, etc etc.
if the imovie update makes it this side of the ocean by tonite, it will be a perfect day!

iPaul UK Apr 5, 2000 10:00 PM
Well I greet this latest OS Fix/Update with mixed blessings. For a start, My iMac DVSE came with OS 8.6, which i've been pretty happy with. Apart from the fact the DVD facility is virtually useless and there are various USB issues, especially with audio that don't work satisfactorily, if at all. So I object to having to pay money to upgrade my OS just to make something work that should have worked in the first place! Sure, Apple has their "Up-to-Date" program. But they still charge you for the privilege. As if that was not bad enough, Go take a look in the OS 9 forum, People have already filled it up with various problems that they have found with OS 9.0.4 It's not a very encouraging advert to people like me who are wondering wether they should upgrade or not. And one more thing, If I choose to help boost Apple's profits by sending them some more money in exchange for an OS 9 disk, then you can bet that is exactly what I will get, OS 9! Which means spending an age downloading the 9.0.4 update, DVD 2.2 and QT4.1.1 etc etc etc... And in England, Local calls are still charged for, More expense.. And I don't even want to think about OS X! other than, Apple should make sure that their currant OS's work before moving on to newer ones.
wlonh Apr 5, 2000 10:32 PM
hmmm... well, i am running OS 9.04 (and OS 9 before that) on three generations of Macs:
a lowly 6200, a mighty beige rev2 G3 minitower @ 466MHz, and a beautiful blueberry iBook.

they have been a joy. 9.04 is even better so far... what can i say? i wish you/everybody could have the same experience.
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