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exa Apr 3, 2000 09:06 PM
Knowing how much Simpletext, just, sucks... I have decided to chuck it away into the void of my hard drive. Only thing is, what happens to all of those simple text files? Is there any way to make it so such type/creators ALWAYS opens with another program, rather than me having to constantly change the type/creators?
GORDYmac Apr 4, 2000 02:49 PM
If you have completely removed SimpleText, which can be quite daunting, text files will be opened in any compatable app via File Exchange. Other docs I'm not sure, SimpleText has a funky way of handling graphics, and I'm not sure conventional Word Processors do it the same way. You may be hard pressed to find a suitable replacement.

It's a small app, just keep it. Though I'm sure it has returned already. I think SimpleText replicates itself

That's it,
Cipher13 Apr 5, 2000 05:24 AM
I'm on a Wintel at the moment (and hating every minute of it), so I can't be exactly sure, but I THINK in the File Exchange control panel you can map TEXT files to open in another program, however, as stated above, I personally would keep SimpleText - Other than being handy for the read me files of most apps (almost all of which are written in simpletext TTRO format), its quite handy for just taking notes - and some apps save as simpletext docs (such as stickies). I am quite unsure of all that, as I'm a little out of it at the moment, and can't test it myself currently, but five it a try.
Hope that helps.
disectamac Apr 5, 2000 10:10 AM
when you try opening an existing file made be simpletext, does an anoying window pop up and asking you to choose an application? That is until you change the creator code or an app does it for you.
Also, a lot of rather useless but sometimes helpful "read-me's" that come with apps and just about anything you download come in simpletext format. You would then have to see that anoying window again. Unless of course you just drag the read me on something else which can also be anoying (sometimes).
Lastly, what happens when you take a snap shots of screens? aren't these also opened by simpletext on a double click? I'm just curious as I've never thrown away simptext.
I find it convienent sometimes just to jot something down quick. It opens fast and it's simple as the name implies. I also like to crank call my neighbors with simpletext and it's entertaining voices.
exa Apr 5, 2000 04:54 PM
First off, I tried the file exchange thing, didn't really seem to work well. And as for screenshots, I use snapz for them and they default to jpegs under picture viewer.
lycaon Apr 5, 2000 05:30 PM
Well… I've never used it myself, but DefaultApp sounds like what you're looking for. It is shareware though, and keeping SimpleText is free…
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