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voltsxamps Apr 5, 2000 07:24 AM
AppleWorks 6.0 Font Problem
Recently I installed Appleworks 6.0 on my Wallstreet Powerbook G3 running OS9. It works fine and no problems found. However, when I installed the Appleworks 6.0 software on my PowerMac G3 running on OS 8.6, I now find that my default Times font has taken on a new appearance and does not print as clearly as it did before Appleworks 6.0 install. I've tried replacing the Times font from my Powerbook font folder, but the result is the same. Has anyone had a similar experience and if so, have they solved it?
Linda Apr 5, 2000 10:04 AM

Look everywhere through your System Folder for more than one copy of the Times font. I've seen various configurations in clients' Fonts folders, most often there is an extra copy (or three) lurking in suitcases called things like "WordPerfect required fonts" or "Equation Editor required fonts" or "Illustration required fonts" or some such thing...

Feel free to remove Times from any of these folders--you only need, in fact, only WANT, one copy of Times open.

The difference in screen draw *may* be due to the fact that a Type 1 version of Times was installed, and you may have been used to seeing the TrueType version. If you dont' have ATM installed on your computer, the Type 1 version will look jagged on-screen when used at other than the supplied screen font sizes.

Please post back (or email me) if you would like more assistance than these few cryptic paragraphs provide.

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