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sek929 Mar 21, 2000 02:42 PM
Zip problem
Just recently everytime i try to copy a file over 10MB in size off a zip (or .smi file) my computer begins to copy it then just freezes, forcing me to reach for a paper clip. I've tried reinstalling Zip tools, upgrading to MacOS 8.6, and hooking my zip directly to the USB ports on my iMac (instead of the hub). Anybody have any ideas?

Simon Kornblith Mar 21, 2000 08:12 PM
Try downloading the Apple USB Mass Storage drivers:

After installation, you should be able to disable the Zip drivers and use your zip drive. If this doesn't fix the problem, it is likely a USB chain problem.

Simon Kornblith
Computer Consultant
madra Mar 22, 2000 08:02 AM
have you got any ant-virus software on your machine? i used to have a similar prob and tore my hair out for weeks over it until ifound out that it was caused by virex.

if you haven't got anti-virus software installed try this...

when copying files bring another window to the front so that the progress bar is in the background. this increases the chances of the copy completing without hanging but doesn't cure the underlying cause.

one more thought. if you're on a network? a college where i work was having the same problem and they had to disable filesharing on all their macs to avoid it.
sek929 Mar 22, 2000 03:22 PM
Well, i downloaded the Mass Storage thing, i go to install it, it quits all my apps, starts to install it then says that it is not a valid image file....ok, now i think maybe the MacBinary file was bad so i download the BinHex dice. And yes i do have Virex, maybe that is the prob, if so how do i fix it?

AusRob Mar 23, 2000 01:43 AM
There has been alot wrirtten in the iMac forum about zip problems. The main culprit is that OS 8.6 comes with its own USB support for zip drives. Loading drives from Iomega tools disc only confuses the computer (as there a two USB drivers)and causes a whole host of problems. The solution is to delete one or the other drivers.
sek929 Mar 23, 2000 02:56 PM
Well i'd rather use the MacOS 8.6 drivers, so i used the get info option and took out those drivers that had a copyright by the iomega coperation (only two) and i will get back to you if this works

.....Well that didn't work, in fact it said that the system did not have the software even needed to load the Zip drive. Did i delete the wrongs ones?(i put the ones i deleted back) am i supposed to use the Zip ones and trash the MacOS 8.6 one? Help me on this one.

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sek929 Mar 26, 2000 11:52 AM
Well madra, my hat goes off to you. I copied Form Z (a 70MB file) off my zip and put a window in front of the progress bar and it finished without a hitch. Although I still don't know what is actually wrong,at least I have a way to counteract it, thanks again.

Gregg Apr 4, 2000 08:44 AM
Or, you could use buttons or snaps instead...
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