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Munir Shaikh Mar 20, 2000 12:58 PM
OS 9 Start-up/Sound Manager problem
I'm having trouble with starting up our new G4 450 (256MB RAM), which began recently. Everything was working fine before.

The Mac freezes on starting up, and an error message comes up saying there is not enough memory for Sound Manager 4.5 to operate. Disabling Sound Manger enables the Mac to boot up the rest of the way without any problems. Of course, we need Sound Manager funcional for our iMovie and Quicktime work.

Does anyone know what the source of this problem is, and how to resolve it? We've reinstalled the OS (not clean install yet), but that hasn't helped.

Could this have something to do with that problem reported last week about OS 9 not discarding invisible temp files, which may be hogging up portions of memory? Is there a fix to that problem?

Any help is appreciated.

wlonh Mar 20, 2000 01:29 PM
Empty Temp Folder, free:

and try deleting your Sound preferences file, restart, and reset Sound control panel
ClarkCable Apr 4, 2000 03:01 AM
I have had the "Not Enough Memory" problem initializing the Sound Manager on two different PowerMacs, one a 6100 running 8.1, and an 8500 running 8.6. A clean install of 8.6 cured the problem, until I dragged the preferences from my original apps over to the new System Folder from the Previous System Folder. Then the problem returned. I tried all of the things recommended above, to no avail. What worked was dragging the entire Preferences folder onto the Desktop, then rebooting. Then I dragged all of the Preferences (from the folder I put on the Desktop) BACK into the "new" Preferences folder, EXCEPT THE PREFERENCES THAT WERE ALREADY PRESENT IN THE "NEW" PREFERENCES FOLDER. All appears to be well. I will try the same thing with the 6100 now.
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