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jimvaughn Apr 2, 2000 04:56 PM
can anyone tell me how to repartitiong without reformating
I am trying to install LinuxPPC 2000 on my PowerMac G4 400 20GB. I need to repartition but I can't reformat the drive. I saw a co-worker of mine do it using pdisk and it worked just fine (so don't tell me you can't do it. I have got enough of that crap already). My only prblemis that he is gone, to where I don't know, and I can't get a hold of him. Does anyone know how to use pdisk or anyother software to repartitiong my hard drive with out reformating?
grimley Apr 3, 2000 11:39 AM
First - the best way to get a response is to ask nicely. Referring to the advice that you recieved in the past as 'crap' probably won't get you anywhere.

Second - I would try a search on Metacrawler and you might come up with this:

Time to complete task - 30 sec. So even if you are lazy, you can do it.

Reading the above document, it seems that you cannot partition an already formatted drive. SInce the data is stored randomly and in whatever size blocks the hard drive can find, partitioning would result in lost data. You might have heard of this. It's called fragmentation. Pdisk essentially replaces HDT or DiskSetup when preparing for a Linux port install. This would later allow you to resize some partitions.


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