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dawaves Apr 3, 2000 03:39 AM
hear music at Wakeup
I was wondering if my G4/400 w/ os 9 could play my mp3's somehow when it wokeup from sleep, kinda like an alarm? I understand that my os must recognize only MAC sound files in the energy saver control panal, so how do I convert my MP's into mac sound files? third party software? I currently am using Soundjam MP witht the new updates, but that does not weem to help that much. What can I do?
Tinman Apr 3, 2000 05:02 AM
Search at for the free SoundApp program. It allow you to convert sound files into System 7/8 sounds which you can put into the "System" file so you can use them.

Put sound files into the "System" file in the System Folder by double-clicking it to open it and drag the sound files into it.
Zwilnik Apr 3, 2000 06:35 AM
Converting them to system files would be a bit heavy on drive space (30+ megs per song), and would actually make your system use more memory, without actually making them play automatically on startup.

Simply load a tune into the Movie Player, Save it out as a quicktime movie file, and drop it into the startup items folder in your system folder. Anything the Mac detects in this folder on startup, it will attempt to activate (as if you'd double clicked on it).
iPond317 Apr 3, 2000 10:33 AM
You can also use Audion to wake up to music. I think the address is Check it out, I've been using it for a while and it's also a really great player! Hope this helps!

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