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sek929 Apr 1, 2000 02:03 PM
Apple Menu gone wacky
The last week has been hell, had to reinstall my system. but here is the problem, i still had my old system lying around after the reinstall so in a rare act of stupidity i dropped the old apple menu in the new system and replaced of course all of the things in the old apple menu no longer existed (D'OH). So i go back and i take all of the things i reinstalled, make aliases of them and drop them in the apple menu, but that worked only to an extent, now i no longer have the submenu's pop out for control panels, and my hard drive alias, i set the submenus on in the apple menu options control panel but no dice. The apple technician said the only way he had heard of how to fix this is to reinstall the system (yeah right i ain't gonna do that!), any ideas? Oh, also he (the techniciam) said that when i upgradedto Mac OS 8.6 the prob should fix itself that didn't work either.


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wlonh Apr 1, 2000 02:32 PM
delete the Apple Menu Options Pref's file and restart.

also, it is not necessarily a good idea to alias your HD to the Apple Menu Items folder, it can/does slow down your computer according to many reports i have read but if your Mac is sufficiently new (and therefore sufficiently fast) it may not make much of a difference anymore...

but have you ever used FinderPop? it is GREAT, and eliminates the need for an alias to your HD in Apple Menu Items folder. try it and you will never go back!
sek929 Apr 1, 2000 04:09 PM
Thanks, worked perfectly. One question, where can i pick up FinderPop? Although i do have a new, fast machine i would still like to check it out.

Simon Kornblith Apr 1, 2000 05:59 PM
FinderPop is available at

Simon Kornblith
Computer Consultant
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