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pmG3/300 Mar 31, 2000 09:51 AM
Apple is censoring the web
It came tue what was rumored yesterday. Apple is censoring the web.
Almost all old posts at were wiped out this night, and at the moment they shut it down completely.

Think different means Think Jobs.
Apple’s no longer the company for the outlaws, but the company with the lawyers.
Read this:

End of the Mac Web as We Know It

It's been a very slow month for rumors, but we finally have a new one.

3/31/2K: No longer beleaguered, Apple Computer has finally accomplished it's ultimate goal of controlling the Mac web.
They have forced sites to pull articles and photographs, hijacked domains, and even shut down Mac Cards, a noncommercial
ecard site.

Through iReview, one of their iTools, they are feeding traffic only to a select group of lapdog sites (no offense intended to
Small Dog Electronics).

But that was just the beginning. Effective April 1, 2000, the anniversary of their incorporation, Apple will be celebrating their
anniversary in style -- by shutting down the vast majority of Mac sites on the internet. Any site with the word "apple" or
"mac" in its name has been contacted by Apple's ever vigilant legal department and told to "get the Mac out."

Expect to see a huge change come over the Mac-centric web on Saturday, April 1, as many sites make a shift away from
their first love, the Macintosh, to a completely new focus. Several webmasters I've been in contact with say it's just been a
matter of time before Apple shut them down for not being positive enough about Steve Jobs, Apple Computer, OS X,
Microsoft products, Apple's iTools, ClarisWorks 6 -- let alone any mention of rumors or rumor sites.

Expect significant changes tomorrow. I'll have to start digging dirt on other companies, since the least hint of a Mac rumor,
no matter how tongue-in-cheek, could subject myself and my publisher to a lawsuit from the once-beleaguered Apple. Like
the rest of the Mac web, we don't have the money for the lawyers necessary to fight, so we're switching.

Switching to what? I can't say, but be sure to surf the web on Saturday to see what the creative Mac webmasters have
come up with to stay in business despite Apple's best attempts to shut them down.

- Anne Onymus
iMan_ca Mar 31, 2000 10:22 AM
All the Mac sites and along with the Mac users should fight this, if it is true. All the Mac sites should team up together and a legal fund should be made up that mac uses can help out in the costs. Just a thought.
amargi Mar 31, 2000 02:58 PM
Beware April Fools Day. AppleInsider is still up btw also forgive the first time sig Ive no way of knowing how it'll display.


In nature, as in human
society, which is no
other than this same
nature, all that lives,
only lives on the
supreme condition of
intervening in the most
positive manner, and
as powerfully as its
nature allows, in the
lives of others. The
abolition of this mutual
influence would be
death. And when we
vindicate the freedom
of the masses; we are
by no means
suggesting the
abolition of any of the
natural influences that
individuals or groups of
individuals exert on
them; what we want is
the abolition of
influences which are
artificial, privileged,
legal, official."
Malatesta quoting
Mikhail Bakunin in
grimley Mar 31, 2000 05:10 PM
the Anne Onymous was a nice touch though... and if you support the iMac decision over eOne you should support the removal of what is legally Apple imagery from MacCards.

Just a thought.

I'm all for intellectual property. It sure beats property property.
pmG3/300 Mar 31, 2000 07:30 PM
I posted the thread 3 times on this board to gain notice.

Let’s move all over to »suggestions and comments« for further discussion.

There is a reply of a moderator too relating to this topic.

Originally posted by grimley:
I'm all for intellectual property. It sure beats property property.
Nothing against to say, apart of some things.
But wiping out a board for »clean« news/communication on Apple would be not hit by your statement. just imagine all the therads/posts in this forum were wiped out... It feels like being in a nightmare - suddenly the ground is missing under your feet. I don’t say Apple did that, but there are signs.

But let’s go over to »suggestions and comments«.
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