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pmm26 Mar 26, 2000 06:16 AM
Daylight saving time
British Summer time came into effect over here in the UK this weekend, and in the past my iMac (Rev A. OS 8.6) has always successfully recognised this fact and switched automatically to BST. But this year, it doesn't seem to have done so and I've had to go into the Date and Time control panel, uncheck the 'Set BST Automatically' option, and then check the manual 'British Summer Time is in effect'.

Has anyone else had this problem?

BigT Mar 27, 2000 10:05 AM
Yes, the same here on my PB1400 + OS 9. Has all worked fine before.
Any clues anyone?
bryh28 Mar 27, 2000 03:47 PM
It's my first day of Summer with my iMac350 running 8.6 and yes, I had to change the time to BST - from Icelandic!
tony.eastwood Mar 28, 2000 05:23 AM
My 9600/300 running 8.6 updated the time successfully. The settings i=n my date and time control panel read (under time zone)

Set British Summer Time Automatically
(Box is checked)
Brititsh Summer Time is in effect
(Box is checked)
London is a city in the current time zone

Clicked on Set time zone button and London, England is selected in the next dialogue box.

I'm sure you've all checked this but it may be one of the things that you may not have re-set if you've zapped the pRam since tha last time the clocks changed. Just a thought.
Zwilnik Mar 28, 2000 06:03 AM
An Applescript to check if the date is before 1990, and if so, to reset some standard settings (like the users time zone, preferred resolution etc.) and prompt the user to reset the date/time (or launch the server time update) would be handy for those of us who have to zap the PRAM every now and again.
pmm26 Mar 28, 2000 07:08 AM
I've managed to fix the problem now - although the date and time control panel already stated 'London is a city in the current time zone', I clicked the Time Zone button, and then clicked London in the list (this was already highlighted) and clicked ok. The problem disappeared.

I suppose this could be due to my pRAM having been zapped, but I'm pretty sure I haven't zapped it in the past 6 months, and if I had, surely the D+T control panel wouldn't have stated 'London is a city in the current time zone'?

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