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angevine41 Mar 26, 2000 08:11 AM
AW 5 Applescript Converter
AW 5 has a script which it says will convert previous CW files to AW 5, and that the script is alterable so that it will not only convert but trash the original file. And, I believe, that you can drop whole folders in to be done.

But how? Maybe I haven't spent enough time studying it, but appescript is quite confusing to me.

Michelle Steiner Mar 27, 2000 02:30 PM
This sounds very much like the script I wrote for MacWrite Pro that converted MacWrite II files to MWP files. If you can send me a copy of the script <>, I'll look at it to see if it's based on mine. They have a perfect right to use it, though; I worked at Claris at the time, and the script shipped on the MacWrite Pro installer disk set.

Michelle Steiner Mar 27, 2000 02:32 PM
The editor-software seemed to have stripped my email address from my previous message.

michelle at michelle dot org
Michelle Steiner Mar 27, 2000 03:39 PM
Thanks for sending it Jim; yes, it's my script. When they modified it for Clarisworks, they removed all credit to me, though, and show only the credit for the person who modified it.

The modifications, BTW, consisted of changing references from "MacWrite Pro" to "ClarisWorks" and removing the logging feature (the original generated a log showing every file processed, and whether the translation succeeded); they even left my original comments in place, sort of. For some reason, the comments and the names of the routines are from the print-a-document script, but the code itself is from the translation script.

The script merely runs the application, opens the document, and saves it, appending ".mwp" for the original version or "cwk" for the ClarisWorks version. If the length of the file name exceeds 27 characters, it uses only the first 27 before appending the suffix. It's smart enough to navigate through nested folders and to recognize certain file types to pass over (applications, control panels, hypercard stacks, etc.). It will translate any word processing or text document that CW or AW can open.

angevine41 Mar 27, 2000 10:01 PM
You said in an email to remove the comments around trash to enable the script to trash the old file. Could you tell me, exactly, what?

And why, several times, does the script talk about printing?

close document 1 saving yes saving in file (NewName & ".cwk")
(*tell application "Finder"
move file MyName to trash
end tell*)
end tell
on error errorMsg number errorNum --error handling that doesn't do anything. Keeps script from crashing though
end try
end if
(*tell application "Finder"
empty trash
end tell*)
end printTheDocument

Hmmmm...this pasted-in version doesn't look ANYTHING like the original.
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