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David Carattini Mar 10, 1999 11:28 PM
Older Mac as print server?
Does anyone know how to set up an older Mac as a print server. At work I have a couple of PowerTowers that I'd love to utalize. I don't want to buy AppleShare.
Thanks in advance. Comments/suggestions are always welcome.


baxeckert Mar 11, 1999 07:06 PM
Using a machine as a print server should be fairly simple. There is a print sharing extension. I believe you would just set the machine up as you would for regular file sharing, and make sure the printer you wish to share is set in the chooser.
serota Mar 12, 1999 03:47 PM
Printdesk® 1.5 Lite is an excellent freeware print server that allows you to print to any AppleTalk laser printer on the network. Even an old Mac would do well with it. It can be obtained at ntdesk-15-lite.hqx

If you need to spool to Epson inkjets, check out EpsonShare (see VersionTracker for latest version).

For PS spooling to Epson, Canon, HP and other inkjets, check out Birmy PS RIP.

Good Luck
solanum Mar 12, 1999 05:22 PM
Linux works well for that, its pretty fast too. *plinks*
George Mar 18, 1999 06:01 PM
I found this site while researching the same type question. It's great...
It's called, strangely enough, "Three Macs & a Printer". I'm sure you can find your answers here. If not drop me a note, I've got a set up like this at home.
benj Mar 22, 1999 01:42 PM
You might want to look at this URL
for a candid view on macs as a print server.
I found it helpful.

yanokwa Mar 27, 2000 12:31 PM
chill out. i know about the platform representations. i was just saying it would be nice for us to be on one whole team. the link was an example.

actually, im dropping team macaddict and im joing up with you guys. since i spend most of my time here anyways. btw, i have a g4 (500Mhz, 384MB)

"It said Windows 2000 or higher, so I bought a Mac..."
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