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Footy Apr 24, 2000 02:54 PM
CD Audio Player sounds horrible...

Since I've upgraded to MacOS 9.0.4 my audio cd's sound really bad on my Altec Lansing speakers which sounded GREAT before.

The sound isn't skipping, it's more of a quility issue. Staticky sounding, distorted.

I have honestly tried everything I could find on all the BBS's I could find.

*don't use VM, but tried it with as well
*dissabled all speech software
*with and with out sound sprockets
*with and with out audio update
*more memory to Audio Player
*deleted CD Audio Player & sound extensions
*rebuilt the desktop (as if that was going to work)
*played around with the disk cache

I believe I've tried everybodies workarounds with no help what so ever; and I just bought a new CD today dammit! No, it's not the CD, same
with others.

Someone please ease my pain! I don't want to got back down to 8.6 as I did with OS9 before reinstalling with the 9.0.4 update. This is really my only issue with OS 9.0.4, but one I'm not willing to live with.

Thank You,


6500/Sonnet G3 400 L2 upgrade, 128 RAM, OS9.0.4 (daaa), 13 gig Quantum HD, 3dfx Voodoo3, Asante 10/100 ethernet, and other stuff that I don't think is relevant
oscar Apr 24, 2000 05:04 PM
Do you by chance use ircle, if so, I have a possible solution

-See Yea!

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Footy Apr 24, 2000 07:22 PM
No, I don't use ircle.

Thank anyway though. I'd like to here that fix anyway, I've tried eveything else, maybe it would help.

Footy Apr 25, 2000 04:16 PM

Well, I'm an idiot! However, I did fix the "Horrible" sound coming from my CD Audio Player!!

I'm embarressed to say what it was.

OK, If you have a CD in and your playing it through your external speakers (altec Lansings) and it sounds bad no matter how Low you turn the volume down on your speakers themselves here's the fix. Go to your CD Player and slide the sound bar down from the all the way up position. If you set the CD Player about half way it takes the bad vibratory sound out of the speakers. Didn't think it mattered what the Volume in the CD Audio Player was set at because I was controlling the Loudness with the dial on my speakers. I was worng!

Anyway, after all the fixes I tried, this was the fix! Simple!

Now my OS 9.0.4 experiance is PERFECT!!!!!

Thanks to me for the help I give myself!

Mel Francis
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