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docster Apr 26, 2000 07:25 AM
9.0.4 Freezes Apple USB Mice?
This is my other 9.0.4 problem (for the first, see "9.0.4 Freezes Yikes?" in this forum.)

We recently updated from a mix of 8.6 and 9.0 on a selection of iMacs here (mainly rev. C's, with a couple 400-DV's), and every one of them now exhibits the same problem:

Between ten seconds and ten minutes after startup, the cursor freezes, as though the (round, Apple, USB) mouse has been disconnected. The machine runs fine otherwise. Unplugging and replugging the mouse fixes the problem... for another few minutes, and sometimes for up to an hour. But at least 8 or 10 times each day, the mouse must be unplugged and replugged.

This happens on EVERY iMac we have updated to 9.0.4, and all with original iMac mice. It matters not whether it's plugged into the keyboard or directly into the iMac, and it matters not whether other USB devices exist or not.

The only fix we have so far is substituting a third-party mouse (in this case, a Kensington USB in a Box), which completely 'solved' the problem. The single iMac using such a mouse has not frozen since.

Since I can't believe Apple's new OS update is incompatible with the standard mouse, there must be some other conflict I'm not seeing. We run quite bare systems: other than Apple SW, the only extensions tend to be ATM). So I can't imagine.

Ideas? Prayers?


MadMacs Apr 26, 2000 01:51 PM
I have a PowerBook g3 500 with a Logitech USB 3 button mouse with a wheel. It works great until I try to hook up my Visioneer Strobe scanner. My mouse freezes in the upper left hand corner. I have to disconnect the scanner and restart. I wish someone would fix this. I miss my scanner.
garbanzito Apr 26, 2000 02:27 PM
i've got the exact same mouse-freezing problem on a blue & white G3 with a Logitech MouseMan Wheel. it worked fine on 8.6. your experience is helpful, as it seems to eliminate extension conflicts as a cause. i have been theorizing that it is due to a slight static discharge, since it seems to always happen when i get up from my desk and return.

there are some reports of this problem on the Apple support forums, but no solid answers yet (search for "9.0.4 and mouse"). Apple techs have replied that they are investigating the problem. you might want to post your configs on that forum. it would turn up the heat on Apple, and also give them a fairly clean config to diagnose the problem.
Smiling Simon Apr 26, 2000 02:56 PM
We have experienced the same problem. but not just with 9.04 but also other OS versions 8.6 - 9.0x. We have also experienced the problem with MacAlly iKey keyboards and iSweetnet mice. Sure is annoying... I'd love to know what causes it and how to avoid it.
wlonh Apr 26, 2000 03:53 PM
have y'all tried USB Overdrive? see
198TFour Apr 26, 2000 06:31 PM
I would not use USB Overdrive. I have a Countour Mouse and their rebranded USB Overdrive - and it seems to crash a mac with 9.0.4 and Multiple users.
DonRobbie Apr 26, 2000 10:06 PM
I have seen an issue (personally and on Macfixit) with the Microsoft intelliMouse Explorer and 9.0.4. The mouse randomly shuts off (the pointer freezes on trhe screen, the light on the mouse goes out), unplugs and replugs sometimes start it back up. Downgrading to 9.0 did not return the mouse to life. I am waiting for a replacement mouse from Microsoft. Maybe it is a USB power issue?
ShawnC Apr 27, 2000 04:35 AM
I'm guessing it has to do with the Energy Saver control panel. I have the freeze, but I do use Overdrive, and a 3rd party 3-button mouse with 9.0.4. I notice it happens after I try to wake it from sleep, after several minutes of inactivity. I have the SETI screensaver running and set to black my screen after 10 minutes, usually(but not always)I will come back to a frozen mouse if SETI has blanked the screen. But since this isn't slways the case, and it happens more reliably if I've been away long enough for Energy Saver to kick in (and spin down my drives), I am supect of the control panel. Re-plugging always fixes the problem, so I've taken to arranging the plug to be in the closest open port, nearest to me--some workaround
Kels Apr 29, 2000 07:58 PM
I have the same problem with my G4 tower at work. It's running 9.0.4 with a macally Ikey keyboard. It's been driving me insane. So the problems is not just with imacs.
Spartan May 4, 2000 01:50 AM
Frozen Mice.
I update to 9.0.4 and the mouse starts to freeze up. I reinstall the system and 9.0.4. The mouse still freezes. Then I play with SET@Home and the energy control panel. And as I write this the mouse freezes up on me. I hasn't done that in about a week. Why? I had the mouse plugged into the iMac and the iSub plugged into the keyboard. A bit inconvient but effective. I even wiped out SETI for a while to be sure. The thing that seems to work is plugging the mouse into the iMac directly. This is a software issue and a sad one at that.
Fredo May 4, 2000 08:55 PM
I think you're right on that. I need to plug mouse and key directly, with hubs plugged into keyboard slots.
Fredo May 4, 2000 09:00 PM
As to docster's original problem, I think he has the best solution. Kensington make a much better mouse.
paperboy May 4, 2000 11:44 PM
I've found a weird way to work around the problem. What I do is plug in the small keyboard which came with the G4 into one of the USB ports. Then I pluged my mouse into the small keyboard. Secondly I plugged in the Mac Ally Ikey into the other USB port. So now I have two keyboards in the G4 but the mouse seems to work on the small one. To this date I have not had one mouse freeze. I wonder if the g4/Imac freeze mouse problem has to do with not enough power going to the mouse? I got that theory when I tried to plug in the Macally Ikey into the small keyboard. A message came up saying that the USB port doen't have enough power to run the Ikey Keyboard. Since the freezing seems to happen most during enerysave it sounds like a power problem to me.
Fredo May 5, 2000 01:49 AM
Even if you have a powered hub, you will get freezes. Direct connection works for me.
Qono May 7, 2000 06:32 PM
There was a couple threads going in the Peripherals section about keyboards and mice cutting out/replugging fix. It seems to have gone away for me after updating from 8.6 to 9.0.4. One problem I had was that I couldn't directly connect both because I needed a slot for the hub. Fredo- is this true that I can connect the hub into the keyboard? I have something called a Power Control Center, it's a combination of surge-protected outlets and a 4 port USB hub. It is very flat and made for your monitor to rest on. I was under the impression that this had to be directly connected to my G3...
presspics May 9, 2000 07:10 PM
I had the same problem. I fixed it by replacing the new USB extension that was installed with 9.0.4 and put in the older OS 9.0 USB extension. It has worked flawlessly since.
Fredo May 10, 2000 01:03 AM
I have my hub plugged into my keyboard, with scanner, floppy disk, iSub,etc. all running through it. Make sure keyboard is direct into iMac. It also helps if hub is powered. Try it, and see.
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