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wlonh Apr 29, 2000 02:36 PM
Memory Contents file... beware
old news maybe, but i had forgotten about it since i never but never use VM...

Memory Contents Fixer 1.0 This application looks for an invisible file called "Memory Contents" in your system folder, and if (a) the file exists and (b) is not in use, it will offer to delete it for you. This "Memory Contents" file normally is used to hold the computer's virtual memory. However, when you turn virtual memory off under OS9, this file is not always deleted. On my iBook, it seems that the file never gets deleted when turning off VM.

If you had a large amount of RAM installed before you disabled virtual memory, you may be missing several hundred megabytes of disk space. This application will help you recover it.

Freeware | Download | RELEASED 1/27/2000

Cipher13 Apr 30, 2000 12:23 AM
Isn't the VM Storage file used ot hold VM's contents? If not, then whats it for?

tonymac May 1, 2000 08:00 PM
If I'm not mistaken, there's an invisible "Memory Contents" file that is used to save the contents of memory to disk when Powerbooks and iBooks go to sleep.
wlonh May 1, 2000 09:16 PM
if it is named Memory Contents, i do not have it on my iBook... it has slept a few times...

maybe it is the VM memory storage file and not Memory Contents that you are referring to
tonymac May 4, 2000 08:49 PM
A friend of mine got a Pismo Powerbook a couple of weeks ago. He was complaining that the total file sizes of all his folders didn't add up to the total amount reported as used. When I searched for invisible files with Sherlock, I found a file that was 193 Megs (he has 192 MB in the PB). I don't remember the name of the file, but it definitely wasn't VM Storage. Anyway, VM was turned off and so was Save Memory on Sleep, so I deleted the file. After restarting, it didn't come back. I wasn't sure where the file came from. I just assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that it was related to the Sleep feature on PowerBooks.
tonymac May 5, 2000 12:53 AM
I just found an article on that documents this file. According to the article, the file IS used to store the contents of RAM during sleep.
wlonh May 5, 2000 06:35 AM
since you did not post the URL for this article you mention, i have to ask you...
did the article mention if this file is regenerated as needs be?

please always post a referring URL in case others would like to read what you found
tonymac May 5, 2000 10:43 AM
Here is the link:
Sorry about not posting it before.

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wlonh May 8, 2000 09:35 AM
Deleting a Huge iBook/PowerBook 2000 Extraneous File, the Memory Contents invisible file, is the subject of this 5/4 Apple TIL. The Memory Contents file can be huge, 200 MB or more, and is not necessary since the "Preserve memory contents on sleep" option has been disabled in Mac OS 9.0.4 and should be turned off in Mac OS 9.

(thanks to MacsOnly where i stold this post)

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