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Bo May 2, 2000 09:53 AM
memory on OS 9
I have just changed into OS 9.02 dutch version from 8.6. I noticed that the system now uses 65Mb from my total of 256. usually a system needs about 30 Mb. I've read about virtual memory but I usually don't use virtual mem because of Photoshop which is one of my main progr. Any suggestion on lowering that 65 Mb?
iPond317 May 2, 2000 10:54 AM
Try disabling extensions that you don't regularly use. Also, you won't like this, but if you turn VM on, your memory usage should go down to 45-50MB. I have an iMac with 192MB and when VM is on, the system takes up about 35MB... With VM off, it takes up about 45MB. Plus OS 9 is a memory hog. But you should try to get rid of unneeded extensions and control panels and possibly try using VM. Hope this helps!

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Bo May 3, 2000 02:47 AM
Thanks for the response. As I told before, Photoshop doesn't like virtual mem. I got to 40,4 mb with virtual mem on in the default setting (plus one Mb). I asked Apple here in Holland and they say it's normal. Does anybody have experience with only 128 Mb mem and os9 ? Can you work with 60 Mb left for programmes like Photoshop?
Cipher13 May 3, 2000 08:01 AM
I got OS 9.04 and 128 megs, with VM on, and on average the Finder uses 30 megs. With VM off, it uses about 45 megs or more.
I have used Photoshop with both settings, and the performance sacrifice (practically nothing) is worth it for that extra RAM. I say try it with VM on, and you won't even notice.

Bo May 3, 2000 08:22 AM
I suspected that with less available memory, os9 would use less. Thanks for confirming this. Now I have reasonable hope that the level can be around 30 Mb when I install OS9 on a 128 mb. mac. Why wasn't apple or anybody mentioning this before? Do most of us have 128 Mb?
P May 3, 2000 05:22 PM
VM isn't that awful together with Photoshop anymore - both Apple and Adobe have done theirs to optimize things. Try it out and see if how it works.

To make your RAM partition a little smaller, you can remove memory-hungry things like Web Sharing.
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