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rcoledude May 5, 2000 10:02 AM
new PB, OS9 and old PB
I had a PB G3 292 running OS 8.6 and recently got a firewire PB 500. the system disks that came with it are 9.0.2. I wanted to upgrade the OS on the older PB but keep getting the message that it won't run on this configuration. Even the software restore won't run with drive initialization. However, I have been able to load the OS on a B/G G3/400 but only after a firmware upgrade. Does this have to do with USB support, etc. as differences between the 2 PB's?? In addition I've been unable to upgrade my Apple clone running a G3/300 accelerator card. your Thoughts?
someone May 6, 2000 02:03 AM
From what I've heard and read, OS 9.0.1 through 9.0.3 are hard to install on certain Macs and work fine with others. I would recommend upgrading your PowerBook G3 to OS 9.0, and then getting OS 9.0.4 by running the Software Updater (version 1.1.3 is the latest, I think) or going here for the international version or here for the North American version.
While you're at it, you'd might as well update your PowerBook 500MHz to OS 9.0.4 too.
rambo47 May 6, 2000 08:04 AM
I'm currently running OS 9.0.4 on a Wallstreet 292MHz PowerBook and it runs like a dream! Installation was a breeze, too. Like •someone• said, I installed OS9.0 from the disk, then upgraded to 9.0.4 via software updater. BTW, I had all kinds of problems with OS8.6 so I downgraded to 8.5. Then OS 9 came along an solved all my problems.

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someone May 6, 2000 02:05 PM
OS 9.0.4 works like a dream for me too! Sadly, it turns into a mixed bag for others, even up do the point where they have had to downgrade. Oh well. It works with my G4, and I'm happy.
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