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slider May 6, 2000 07:36 PM
OS 9 on Umax c500 supermax font problem
Hi, I installed OS 9 with the updater 9.0.4 on this computer. I did I clean install of the system software that came with the Umax (7.6.1) and then the OS9 software. I installed M$ Office 98 on it and the fonts in word seem fuzzy. Anyone one know of a reason why or have a solution?
iMan_ca May 7, 2000 02:04 AM
My first guest would be to many fonts over the 128 limit is fixed in Mac OS 9 so that cant be it. I bet you have a messed up font. Start with the shift key down (This turns off the extensions kinda like a safe start)
Remove the fonts folder from the system folder and then double click on each one. If you find one that gives a error and wont open then it is a bad font. That is all I can think of I am tired sorry. Any thing else comes to me I'll come back.

For any one that knows the answer what is the font limit with system 9, 512? I would like to know I cant remmeber.

Oh another posibility is something to do with font sync but I dont know enough to offer any inteligent advice about that.

Good Luck
garrettnelson May 7, 2000 09:34 AM
Do you have Adobe Type Manager installed? It may conflict with the FontSync control panel. Or you may have an older version of it that needs updating.
slider May 7, 2000 06:57 PM
After the problem was observed I installed ATM 3.9, I think that's the version. Didn't do anything, although I am not sure how to use it. I thouhgt I would ask about it first in case someone had an obvious answer or suggestion.
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