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CraigB May 7, 2000 03:42 AM
opening window beep?
I have just taken the plunge and upgraded to OS 9. Since I did this I have had several problems.
- Every time I open a window the "alert beep" sounds twice (which can be very anoying). Also the alert sound is set to the defult beep on restart or start-up and it's volume to max (not the system volume). I have zaped the PRAM, trashed the perferences but this has not changed anything. And the "Sound" Control Panel sometimes quits it's self. I have also tried turning of the sounds on the "Appearance" CP.

- I get a "Fatal Error" message when trying to open the "Apple Menu Operation".

And in an unrelated problem (I hope). When I connect my 6400/200 upto an iMac DV with 10/100 ethernet, I bring up the iMac's window it said it has a 3.99Gb HD, (same in the Apple System Profiler). It has only one partision and is 10Gb in size (9.5Gb). Both run OS 9, why can't I see the full HD, the 6400/200 can see a bigger HD than 4Gb?
Paul Crawford May 7, 2000 04:43 AM

1). The "folder window beeps" syndrome has been linked to third-party software, such as older versions of the Smart Scroll control panel (see the earlier Mac OS 9.0 compatibility problems thread in this Forum). I'm not sure about the cause(s) of the other issues with the alert sound reverting or the Sound CP quitting (usually, these are fixed by trashing the Sound Preferences file and rebooting, but you've already tried that unsucessfully). Try searching for related posts in this Forum, or over in MacFixIt's Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 Forum, or Apple's own Mac OS Discussion Forum.

2). Sorry, I'm not sure about the "Apple Menu Operation" issue. Others will be able to help you here.

3). I believe that Personal File Sharing (as oppposed to AppleShare IP Server) still has an effective limit of 4 GB for a shared volume. See Apple's relevant TIL articles such as AppleShare File Sharing: Chart of All Limitations and AFP Volume: File Limits).


oscar May 7, 2000 06:25 AM
To be honest Apple Menu Options (AMO) is probally one of the buggiest thing apple writes. If you search for AMO in apple's til's there are sumorous articles where apple says to disable it.
I suggest BeHierarchic @
It's a great AMO replacment, and now where as buggy, and offers more featuires (sort order, shotcuts, etc)

-See Yea!

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CraigB May 8, 2000 02:28 AM
Thank you for your help, I have just downloaded a the lattest version of Smart Scroll (which I have installed) and will give it a go.

I also found an other "bug" with the energy CP the auto start-up is turned of even though I set it to start-up at this morning.

Thanks again for the help.
Paul Crawford May 9, 2000 02:23 AM
Hi again,

For possible solutions to the forgetful Energy Saver auto-startup issue, see the related threads over in Apple's own Mac OS Discussion Forum -- e.g., Energy Saver Control Panel "Schedule" Glitch if you're using the Multiple Users feature, or Energy Saver Buggy otherwise.


CraigB May 11, 2000 01:49 AM
I have found that replacing the Sound (8.1.3) and Apple Menu Options (1.1.7) CP's from OS 9.0.4 with the earlier versions (8.1.2 & 1.1.6) in OS 9.0 has fixed the problems I had. I have Tech Tools so I just grabed them from the Trash Cashe, trashed the Perferances and replaced the Control Panels. I put the newer ones in a seperet folder. I then restarted the computer and all seems well again. If I have any ferther problems I will let you know. I also got a the latest version of Smart Scroll to fix the "double beep" problem.

Thanks again for the help.

P.S. The Energy Saver CP seemes to be OK after a second restart.
wlonh May 11, 2000 08:11 AM
well, glad you found some resolution to the prob, but i hardly think it to be a good fix even if it works...

it is just not exactly kosher, and MacOS should have the control panel versions that it was created with

you really should backup and wipe that HD (reinitialize) and do a proper install of 9.04... if you do not, i am betting it is a matter of time until you have even more and greater problems
CraigB May 11, 2000 08:36 AM
Thanks for the advice, if I have any problems I may just do a clean re-install of OS 9.0.

Thanks again.

P.S. I'm looking at getting a base model G4 with 17 inch monitor around the end of the year, with OS X. Is it good to wait untill OS X has been around a while before getting into it?
wlonh May 11, 2000 08:57 AM
off topic!

but hey follow your instinct, and know that the bleeding edge can cut you and thereby gather more blood... bwah ha ha!

no one knows how all the developments will sort themselves out, and in what exact timeframe not even the great Jobs!

having said that, i always jump right into the newest MacOS ASAP... gimme gimme
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