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MoontaMacman Jun 2, 2001 04:00 AM
can one select the scratch disc for iMovie? How?
As above - I tried to partition my 60Gb Hard drive to separate work from play etc. but when I tried to use iMovie it wants the free space to be on the Startup drive - in my case this was only a 1Gb segment dedicated to OS 9.1 - big problem for video editing!!

Has anyone found where or if one can select the scratch or work area for iMovie. iTunes etc? I even had a problem with Appleworks trying to save a 205Mb database onto my 30Gb clear segment only to get a "Disk full" error message - rectified by tossing stuff off my 1Gb start up disc -what is it with OS9.1? Doesn't it like one to partition the hard drive? Got me puzzled.
And while I am on a roll - that 205 Mb Appleworks file takes over 8 minutes to save - what a pain -any ideas on any of these items appreciated
Ron Co if you can help or via here if you are shy :-)

tomatohead Jun 4, 2001 09:07 AM
Try deleting (or perhaps editing) the prefs for these applications from the system folder. iMovie should simply use the space in the media folder except for previewing.

Also check apple's support site.
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