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TATungseth May 6, 2000 05:15 PM
iTools down 5/6?
Is anyone else having problems with iTools today? I've typically been able to use it without too much trouble, but it doesn't seem to be working today. For one, I can't get past the sign-in screen. It just keeps asking me to enter my password, and then it acts as if I haven't entered a password yet.

However, it does itentify a wrong password.

But I don't have access to things such as iTools today. Is anyone else having the same trouble, or are there any suggestions.

I tried re-installing iTools. No change.

mattmarshall May 6, 2000 06:26 PM
YES--no email for me today.....ALL day.
i get an "unauthorized" message....
anyone know what's up?

(idisk worked, though)
TATungseth May 6, 2000 06:34 PM
Interesting. My iDisk works via the alias that I had set up on my desktop, but I still can't sign in through Netscape. Same problem.

My guess is that their problems are due to the Love Bug virus. It probably swamped their servers just like everyone else's.

Progress is being made. I have two iTools email accounts. Both haven't worked all day, now one is working, while the other isn't. My guess is that they're going through and cleaning things up.

This is as of 3:30 PM PST. We'll see if things get better.
garrettnelson May 6, 2000 06:38 PM email has been fine for me today.
TATungseth May 6, 2000 07:35 PM
I'm still getting intermittent service.

Is anyone able to (or not able to) get into iTools via their browser? All day, when I enter my password, I just get the sign-in screen again. No error, no nothing, but I cannot get in to check my settings, etc.

It does, however, recognize the wrong password and gives me an error. I just get nowhere with the right password.

Any feedback?
TATungseth May 6, 2000 08:40 PM
Ok, here's a odd twist. I used to have my e-mail forwarded to my reglar ISP account. I haven't had mail forwarded in over two months.

NOW, while I can't get my e-mail directly, it has now forwarded a couple of test messages to the account that I was forwarding to previously.

Guess: They're reconstructing their servers based upon backed-up files that are more than 2 months old? My old preferences seem to have been applied in this case. . . .

I also note that there is a discussion going on at Apple's website regarding this issue. Different people are having different problems, and many are having the same problems that I am.

The discussion can be accessed by clicking here:
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