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firefly Jun 4, 2001 02:07 PM
Internal Modem Sound 1.0
I need the extension, Internal Modem Sound 1.0, that shipped with Performa computers to enable the internal modem to play sound through the speakers. Audio Volume 1.1 does not work. Since I don't have the original install CD for my 6320, could someone who has the file please send it to me? My email is

loudpedal Jun 5, 2001 10:56 PM
Are you sure about the filename? I just searched thorough a Performa 6400 system CD I have and couldn't find anything named "Internal Modem Sound" anything. Could it be a part of another extension?
AppleScript Jun 6, 2001 01:01 AM
I have a copy of that file. However, I can't email it to you because the email address you provided doesn't exist.


[ 06-06-2001: Message edited by: AppleScript ]
firefly Jun 7, 2001 09:07 AM
My email doesn't exist? I don't understand how you got an error like that. Anyway, I got hold of the extension from somebody else, and it doesn't work. In fact, I can source the internal modem to play sounds while it dials, but I can only capture them using SimpleSound (it doesn't play them as it dials). Is the internal modem sound extension just for GV modems, because I have an Apple Personal 28.8 internal modem. Is there also any other way to set sound to play through the speaker? This is Mac OS 8.1. Monitors & Sound doesn't have any 'playthrough' option, and with the old sound cp, the playthrough button is dimmed (but checked). The modem plays through either Internal CD or Internal AV. However playing an audio CD through that option works fine.

I might try OS 9.1 because it has a much better sound control panel.
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