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ValVashon Jun 6, 2001 10:15 PM
Cursor changes to extension shape at shutdown...
Just updated Conflict Catcher to the latest version to go along with 9.0.4 on the Bondi imac. Dont know if that makes any difference, but after coming up with a different set of extensions for CD burning (conflicts between Aplix extension and Apple CD/DVD forced me to do this) along with creating a second "user" really tore the hard drive up. Programs were crashing, it was restarting partway through the start up process, booted into open firmware when I tried to start up off the norton disk,wouldn't start up off the norton disk because "Drag Lib" couldn't be found, etc. Really a mess. I have it tamed down a bit but now the cursor changes to or points to something that looks like an extension shape (like a puzzle piece). It happens really fast and the puzzle piece shape is small, and comes up right before physical shutdown after all of the desktop icons are gone. Ran Norton (finally) and rebuilt the desktop and zapped the pram with tech tool. I've never seen anything like this, and of course, don't know what it means. Help me please. This thing has multiple OS problems and I'd like to keep it from collecting more. Thanks.

spicyjeff Jun 7, 2001 12:36 AM
Are you sure its not the RAM disk icon? if you are using a RAM disk and have it contents set to save on shutdown you will see the cursor briefly change to this icon as it saves the data in the shutdown process. If that's not it i don't know what it is, check the conflict catcher documentation.
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