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myersm1 May 8, 2000 11:00 PM
Desktop Printer Setup Crash
I don't know if this is an issue with OS 9 or with the software DAVE from Thursby.

Using DAVE (version 2.5.1), I created a Desktop Printer for a given printer on our WinNT LAN. This is a Tektronix Phaser 740 with many extended features, so I clicked the "Auto Setup" button in the printer configuration dialog (I have the proper PPD).

After doing so, I crashed into MacsBug. After rebooting, I find that all folders on my drive which did not formerly contain a custom icon now sport the Desktop Printer icon -- ie. almost all my folders. (That's the generic printer icon with two ampersands on the emanating page).

To no avail, i have tried:
* rebuilding the desktop
* Apple's Disk First Aid
* Alsoft's DiskWarrior (latest)

Is it possible to use AppleScript to recursively walk the folders in my disk and correct the problem? I could probably distinguish folders with bogus custom icons from those containing bona fide icons by their modification date.

Alternatively, perhaps the status as a Desktop Printer "container" is a different attribute? And when set for a folder, it automatically acquires the special icon?

It is so incredibly distracting to see all these printer icons in my Finder views.
Ster May 10, 2000 04:13 PM
for starters, i don't think you can do auto-setup with anything but appletalk printing. at least, we can't over tcp/ip (lpr) at work.
someone May 10, 2000 08:10 PM
I suggest that you get TechTool, at least the freeware, it not Pro, from . You can totally rebuild the desktop there. It forces the Finder not to update the desktop file, as a normal rebuild would, but to trash it and make a new copy from scratch.

Next, have you tried deleting the icons from the folder by accessing "Get Info" and deleting the folder icon?

I can't help further with WindowsNT. Sorry.

P.S: What does this have to do with OS 9?
myersm1 May 10, 2000 10:33 PM
Originally posted by Ster:
for starters, i don't think you can do auto-setup with anything but appletalk printing. at least, we can't over tcp/ip (lpr) at work.
You could be right, although the DAVE software is sitting in between in this case, and may do some magic.

I am beginning to suspect that the System has been damaged in some way by DAVE. First, the folders on my hard drive did not receive new modification dates. Second, all folders of mounted share volumes on the LAN also display the Desktop Printer icon.
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