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mattmarshall May 12, 2000 07:43 PM
itools forum?
ahhh? where did the itools forum go?

well, i guess i could post it here--i use iTools in outloko express, and all my mail is marked with california time--it really messes me and everyone i email up.

anyone know how i can get it to be marked with new york time?

garrettnelson May 12, 2000 07:46 PM
The iTools forum got merged into here in the reorg.

I don't think you can, the mail server is in Cupertino, and it makes sense that they would use their time.

[This message has been edited by garrettnelson (edited 05-12-2000).]
mattmarshall May 12, 2000 08:15 PM
thanks for the info on the reorganization....i guess itools SHOULD be in here, since it is supposedly part of th OS, but i think it makes more sense to have a seperate forum. what about after OS X gets released? will itools questions go in here or in the OS X forum?

but, this way more people will get to see the itools questions, so i guess that's a trade off....

anyway, i got the email thing figured out, thanks to the kind folks over in #macintosh on the IRC time zone was incorrectly set to Cupertino time.....
Don Foy May 12, 2000 11:48 PM
Us moderators are also still trying to get used to the reorganization, was well. We also are getting used to having just two moderators in each forum instead of three or four. Not a complaint, just wanted you to know you guys are not alone.

The iTools forum was rolled into OS9 because it was not generating enough traffic to have a forum all its own and take up time of administrators and moderators when they could be better used elsewhere.
Misha May 13, 2000 10:23 AM
Don Foy, check the moderators forum for information on the two-moderators-per-forum (which, to put it simply, isn't really the case).

The iTools forum was merged into Mac OS 9 because it wasn't getting very much activity. As you said, more people will see iTools posts in the Mac OS 9 forum, and it is part of the OS, sort of .

We'll deal with OS X when it ships...
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