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pastusza Jun 7, 2001 09:04 AM
WindowShade on Win98??
Well, I switched jobs and now I have to work in the Windows world. I'm sure there are others out there like me. Well, I remember there used to be a program for Windows that allowed the Windowshade functionality. Anyone remember what the program is called or where to find it??
deaconMPG Jun 7, 2001 09:56 AM
As you might already know there is for your macintosh software needs well it has a cousin

I checked for the title "Window Shade" and "Windowshade" nothing but if you remember the specific name then you might want to try and search again.

But if you can't find anything, two tricks I use on windows machines are (Windows key + M) Minimizes all windows, then Alt + Tab to got through open programs quickly

Also may I suggest Blanch a little utility for Windows much like the launcher in the bottom left of Windows, but you set up tabs (kind of like having a ton of folders at the bottom of a make that have the clickable tabs). But Blanch is list in the as Blanch or try this link

<anonymous> Jun 7, 2001 08:49 PM
acur128 Jun 12, 2001 11:41 PM
I think the program you're looking for is WindowBlinds from Stardock. It's one of several Win enhancements from Stardock, and part of their Object Desktop package. I've tried it under Virtual PC4 & it ended up being slow, but on a PIII it wasn't a problem. A lot of skins including OS X aqua... but shareware :(
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