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deaconMPG Jun 7, 2001 09:06 AM
Dead MAC with flashing question mark
The machine:
OS 8.6
266mhz G3 desktop
128 mb Ram
6 GIG SCSI harddrive (partitioned into two drive)

The Problem:
The machine was crashing alot while using QuarkXpress and then booted up to the flashing question mark on the disk. I tried to boot from a Norton CD and also from the OS 8.6 CD but for both Norton and OS CD the drive just spits them out. Yes I am holding down the C key on start up to boot from the disks.

Inshort computer will not boot from CD's with C key down :(


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rhino_g3 Jun 7, 2001 10:45 AM
deacon, the question mark at startup means it can't find a disk to startup from. I am surprised to hear that your computer won't let you boot from you system CD by holding down the C key. I suggest starting your computer so you can insert the system disk then restart your computer without holding down the C button. The computer will look for a disk to start from and when it doesn't find one it should locate your CD on its own and boot from it. If it boots then open the startup disk control panel and click on the disk you want your computer to boot from then restart. I am not sure of the exact intructions since I have been using OS X for so long.

bottles Jun 7, 2001 11:48 PM
Hi deacon,

Try this: Shut the computer down. Now startup while holding the command, option, P, and R keys down, to zap the PRAM (allow two or three startups before releasing the keys). See if the computer will startup from a CD now. If not, try disconnecting all unnecessary peripherals and zap the PRAM again.

Hope this helps,

<font color = green>bottles</font>

Just had to try the "Instant" smilies and ubb code. Cool!

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deaconMPG Jun 8, 2001 11:45 AM
Thanks for a ll the good insight,

By the time I had read rhino_g3's post I had takend the harddrive out and was going to rig it as a slave in another B/W G3 tower. So I figured I kept trying the C-key might as well not try it. So I stuck the drive back in and started it up with the OS CD...

... The damn thing booted from the drive fine?! Me love Apple long time. So I pulled every thing I wanted off the machine and reformt he crive and put a fresh OS.

But here is the follow up is the drive still reliable. Because I bet with this problem I could get him to at least buy more Ram and a bigger drive but the Ram on this machine only goes up to 192 MB and the bus speed is only 66mhz (I think, It is a Power macintosh G3 Desktop)

And to bottles thank you, I will also add the zipping the PRam next to my toolkit of fit-itz.

peterthorn Jun 13, 2001 08:19 AM
Just another tip:
Sometimes it also helps to startup holding alt-key down. This makes the computer look for any (non-os x) systems folders.
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