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posthumanus Jun 8, 2001 12:03 AM
appleworks help?
hi people, hope you can help.

i recently did a HD wipe / clean install and had to store my Appleworks503 folder on iDisk during the transition. everything went well, but ...

now i can't seem to select the dictionary for spell checks ect.

i tried using Appleworks 'help' but i'm told it can't be found (even though it's sitting right there in my Appleworks folder).

anyone got the answer to this?

thanks in advance: posthumanus.
Aussiemac Jun 8, 2001 02:49 PM
You need to run the Appleworks installer, so it can install the appropriate extensions. :)
posthumanus Jun 9, 2001 06:27 AM
thanks Aussiemac:

the problem of course is the ***holes who sold me the computer, gave me the OS9 install disc and the OS8.6 restore disk - the one with the appleworks folder (theyíre now out of business so thereís no going back).

so in order to have a fully functional appleworks app on board i had to have OS8.6 installed on a back partition (which i originally had, by necessity)

i wanted only one partition so i stored appleworks on iDisk thinking i could download it later after my OS9 clean install.

didnít work: tried to lift appleworks off the restore disk but this resulted in a clean install of OS8.6 overwriting OS9 and all my settings.

i went apeshit for 10 minutes but then remembered a friend recently went on a junket to set up 3 brand new iMacs for an airline display - took a longshot and gave him a call.

guess what - he had thoughtfully returned with 3 full OS9.1 software packages.

so my problems seem solved. iím picking one up from him tomorrow.

the motto of course is Ďif it ainít broke, donít fix ití - but then i wouldnít have ended up with OS9.1, iMovie2, Appleworks6(?) and whatever else might be waiting for me tomorrow.

thanks for your help though: i learnt a few things on this trip.

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