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vidimac May 13, 2000 11:33 AM
Random time changes?
I've switched to OS 9.04 from 8.6, and have experienced a lot less crashing, However, my imac DVse takes longer to startup, and my time changes by itself. Any way to get arounf this? Startup doubler produced a negligible improvement.
Fredo May 13, 2000 02:33 PM
Try trashing date and time preferences file, and restart. Also, I'd get rid of startup doubler.
dabradda May 24, 2000 01:21 AM
i dont think the time changes are something related to 8.6, because i just noticed it happens on my dv/se with 9.0.4. it was like 7 o clock pm, and i put it to sleep. when i woke it up a half hour later, the clock said 10:30 or something. maybe it was happening for a while, i dont pay much attention to my clock.

park74 May 25, 2000 03:35 PM
You might check and see if your computer is set to use a network time server. If it is, it might be updating the time from a time server with the incorrect time. It could also be updating from a server and actually be setting the computer to the correct time...but your timezone is set incorrectly. Check for both of these in the date and time control panel. If you are on a modem I would recommend turning of "Use a Network Time Server" completely or clicking on "Server Options" and choosing "manually." Also check your timezone by clicking on "Set Time Zone" in the same control panel.

I would also loose anything with "Doubler" in it's name.
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