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Richard Clark May 14, 2000 01:48 PM
9.0.4 - Do I Dare?
When 9.0.4 came out I donwloaded it instead of going through the OS 9 Control panel (I like having copies of upgrades). My system is:

256 mb RAM
10 gb hd

Installation was fine. However, when I would use internet programs Netscape 4.72- (everytime I download 4.73 it goes to 100 % but doesn't complete the download), ICQ 2.0 Beta, Hotline 1.8 the problems would begin. Netscape would crash and quit. Hotline would do the same thing. ICQ would crash the system , lock and then need to be rebooted.

I went and got the most current versions of all these programs. The Desktop was rebuilt, Disk First Aid was run as well as Norton Utilities and Norton Antivirus. Techtool was run. All steps did not help. I also had virtual memory turned on and off to see if that made a different. The problem persisted. The further I worked on it the more I felt that it might be the update. The key it looks like is that Open Transport was updated.

As frustrating as this got I went back to 9.0 and everything was stable again. The crashes to the internet application ceased. Here's the real kicker though M.S. Internet Explorer was being run the whole time will 9.0.4 ran. I had no problems with it (makes ya wonder ya know?)

Has anyone had these problems? It's been a few weeks now and there have been other updates like Open GL, Video Extension. All of those have been downloaded and it works fine. Should I try to update to 9.0.4 again? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

wlonh May 14, 2000 02:54 PM
two words: Internet pref's

that was your problem, i would bet large money... when 'net app's go south on you, it is a safe bet that your Internet pref's file is corrupted... trash it and restart and reset the Internet control panel.

oh and other files are known to be suspect in the case of internet troubles: TCP/IP pref's, the MacTCP DNR file, Remote Access pref's

9.04 uses a bit more RAM (if you don't use VM) but other than that it is a very stable MacOS... use it

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someone May 14, 2000 03:48 PM
Whoa! I have the same G4, but with 128 MBs of RAM and a 20 GB HD! How did you get a G4 with a 10 GB hard disk? I'm confused.

Yes, wlonh is right (as always! )! I recommend that, unless you're a web designer, you trash Netscape and try IE 5. I'm not one of those "Netscape sucks" people, I love Netscape. But just give IE 5 an honest, unbiased, try. Then go to and learn to change all mention of Microsoft in the splash screen.
Fatal May 14, 2000 09:09 PM
ummm just dont try games. =] demos of quake 3 n' such..welll ut works..
Richard Clark May 15, 2000 12:25 AM
Thank you for your help. I did reinstall 9.0.4 and deleted the internet prefs. Everything has been going pretty good. Netscape has crashed once. But I'm not having the crashes happen every three minutes like it was before. Thanks!

To answer the question about the size of my hard drive. I had the unit configured with the smallest drive to save cost. Also, it only came with 128 mb of ram. I ordered 128 more from Data Memory Systems and saved over $150.00 which is what it would have cost had I gone with Apple.

Az May 17, 2000 07:59 AM
For OS9x you need to delete the "Talkback" folder in Netscape.
tioga May 18, 2000 12:26 PM
Az: Why delete the talkback folder?
Flurk May 20, 2000 07:24 PM
Because Netscape 4.7 * 4.7.2 and the TalkBack Folder conflict with MacOS 9.04.
I heard that 4.73 is compatible.
wlonh May 20, 2000 10:39 PM
that talkbalk thing was just plain annoying too, when i used to use netscape i'd always make sure to trash that talkback folder and i still tell people that dog won't hunt

rhetorical question... i mean what the heck does anybody want that sort of extra bells 'n whistles junk anyway? it's just something else to go wrong...

eliminate the bilgewater! man the pumps!
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