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frankZ Jun 8, 2001 11:37 PM
PPP disconnect
I recently read in Mac Secrets 5th Edition Chap 25 pg. 935 @ the top, that the ppp applescript is in the Apple Extras folder, I cant find it anywhere and niether can sherlock? or another friend of mine on her 9.0.OS ? 0r on my 8.5 CD or 8.1 ? At one time (i think it was around 8.1 ) i was able to disconnect from the desktop icon ( My Favorite) or from a apple menu disconnect command, simple single click. i dont care for the control strip method
thanks in advance for your reply
Moonray Jun 9, 2001 04:46 AM
With the introduction of OS 9.1 Apple has discontinued the Remote Access Commands scripting addition. PPP control is now done with the Network Setup Scripting commands. That might be the reason why this script isn't to be found anymore.

It seems you have to write your own script. Infos how to do are to be found in the AppleScript Guidebook Open Transport (Networking). get it from There are sample scripts included which you can copy and paste into the Scripteditor. For disconnecting it shows as example:
<font face = "courier">
set the config_name to "My Remote Connection (Toll free)"
tell application "Network Setup Scripting"
-- open the Networking Database
open database
-- start the connection process
disconnect Remote Access configuration config_name
--close the Network Database
close database
end tell
on error
-- close the database if it was left open
tell application "Network Setup Scripting" to close database
on error
end try
end try

Seems you have to use the name of your current configuration for config_name ;)

If you want it to use your current configuration, delete the line

<font face = "courier">set the config_name to "My Remote Connection (Toll free)"</font>

and insert the following after <font face = "courier">open database</font>:

<font face = "courier">set the current_config to every Remote Access configuration whose active is true</font>
<font face = "courier">set the current_config to the name of (item 1 of the current_config)</font>

That should work though I've not tested it.

This comes with no warranties, use on your own risk and backup all important data first

Hope that helps

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