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Jose Rua Sep 30, 1999 04:42 AM
RAM Doubler
RAM Doubler is incompatible with MAC OS 9

typoon Oct 2, 1999 03:11 PM
I e-mailed Connectix Tech Support and they said they will mostlkly have a version for mac OS 9
William Z. Harris Oct 3, 1999 04:30 PM
The question is not WHETHER? but WHEN?
abrody Oct 11, 1999 04:48 PM
RAM Doubler is not exactly the least buggy software on the planet. It has had problems ever since the beginning, at least in demo versions that I have downloaded. For that reason, if you need more RAM, find out which RAM you need at and check out for the best RAM prices around. Do be careful though, you only want RAM from vendors with a lifetime warranty, and vendors with an 800 number, and at least 5 years of business history. Preferably 5 years of catering to Macintosh customers or more.

Additional reasons for not using RAM Doubler, are that real memory offers less need to access the hard disk for swapping virtual memory files, thus lending to less hard disk data corruption, also lending to less need for large cache files which can in the end slow down a fast internet connection. Real memory is 100 times faster than hard disks, and if you can load more information to real memory the then you will find a lot faster system response time. Compare the 8ms hard disk access times (8 x 10 -6 seconds), to 80 nanosecond RAM access times (8 x 10 -8 seconds), and you will see why real RAM is so much quicker.
Hope this helps.

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William Z. Harris Oct 11, 1999 07:34 PM
Real RAM is all well and good, but there are two issues:

1) No amount of real RAM gives you the file mapping benefits of virtual memory. You need some form of VM to reduce the memory needs of your apps, and RAM Doubler is acknowledged to be superior to Apple's own VM.

2) You may not have noticed, but RAM prices have tripled recently!

Also, I HAVE 168MB of RAM in my G3-upgarded 8100/110. This machine has maybe 1 more year in it before I buy a G4 and need all new RAM. I am not gonna buy limited utility RAM when RAM Doubler gives me a very effective 264MB right now. RAM Doubler causes no problems that I know of. Very smooth completely transparent. I want and need to continue this set-up into OS9. Back to my original question:

Anybody have an idea as to when RAM doubler will be upgraded for OS9?
Takeo Oct 11, 1999 10:29 PM
William... why not just use Apple's VM? Unlike years earlier, there really isn't any speed hit from using Apple VM. It would take up 169 MB of disk space... but with a fair sized hard drive that's no biggie. At least it will do you until RamDoubler is updated. Personally, I don't like RamDoubler... too wonky. It was great years ago when RAM cost $50/Meg and I only had 32 MB though.
Ignatius Oct 12, 1999 12:10 AM
I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I just purchased a B&W G3 (in fact it arrived on the day the G4 was announced which did not make me happy) and I love it but every time I shut down the computer freezes and I have to press the reset button to get it to come on again. When it comes on it tells me that I have shut down improperly and goes through its diagnostic. I know it is Apple's VM because when I turn it off I don't have this problem. What do any of you guys and gals think it could be?
SezMe Oct 14, 1999 02:23 PM
Takeo, I won't make claims for other people's systems, but on my B&W G3 with the original 64 MB (I'm waiting for prices to drop before I buy more), RamDoubler has consistently been more stable and generally trouble-free than the VM built into 8.6.

Also, with RD loaded, applications including the finder, take up significantly less RAM that they do under native VM. You might think it's an illusion, but I can't tell you how many times I receive "low on memory" errors and crashes with native VM enabled. Not so with RD. Obviously real RAM is better and would be quicker besides, but as an interim solution, I'll take RD anyday over Apple's VM (including the VM in 9.0). Now get busy Connectix, and update RamDoubler soon!
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