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kent Sep 30, 1999 08:09 AM
What programs support Keychain?
Ive only seen the support in Timbuktu. But there must be more programs supporting it. Post them here.
Pat James Oct 1, 1999 04:13 PM
Anarchie 3.6.1 for sure.
WolF-g Oct 2, 1999 03:05 PM
Eudora Pro 4.2.1 does!
NCSUCPE Oct 2, 1999 03:24 PM
Powermail 2.4v6 supports keychain.
JessamyG3 Oct 2, 1999 07:02 PM
Netfinder 2 does.
ZooTV Oct 2, 1999 09:55 PM
What does keychain do? Is it like ForgotIt? the shareware program to store passwords?

wlonh Oct 3, 1999 01:49 PM
Junior Member
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Our dayplanner ClockWork ( supports the keychain when opening a password protected calendar file.
Jan Henning Oct 4, 1999 08:08 AM
netOctopus, a network management application from Netopia, supports KeyChain. It has done so since version 3.0 (current version is 3.5).
schwa Oct 6, 1999 10:10 AM
Can someone actually explain what the Keychain does?
Could I, for example, use it to store web site passwords and somehow automate their entry into a browser?
scott Oct 6, 1999 05:45 PM
Can someone actually explain what the Keychain does? Could I, for example, use it to store web site passwords and somehow automate their entry into a browser?
It's a bit vague, but the Mac OS 9 Feature Description on Apple's site attempts to explain:

Essentially, it's a central repository for all passwords. However, it seems that developers have to specifically add in functionality to take advantage of the Keychain.

The most obvious "instant" advantage is logging into AppleShare servers and decryption of files.

As far as website, ftp, and email passwords, that's certainly the goal (and the screenshot at the url above depicts it). Outlook Express 5 has some Mac OS 9-specific features, though I'm not sure if Keychain integration is one of them. I would guess that MSIE will have it at some point, as they seem to be pretty good at adopting Mac technologies.

Netscape on the other hand, doesn't have a particularly good track record of making solid Mac applications, so I doubt we'll see it unless a Mac engineeer volunteers to add it to Mozilla.

- Scott

Scott Stevenson
Contributing Editor,

Lanlord Oct 6, 1999 05:45 PM
For schwa who asked what is keychain?
Check out this page for a high level description of Key Chain
Deeeep Oct 7, 1999 11:06 AM
even url manager support keychains... webconfidential does too.

Waiting for QuickMail Pro, NetScape, IE... people wake up!
strobe Oct 13, 1999 01:37 PM
Wish PGP supported the keychain
Herr Newton Oct 14, 1999 11:51 AM
Why would you <i>want</i> PGP to support the Keychain? The Keychain, to the best of my knowledge, supports MacOS 9.0's built-in 56-bit encryption, a far less secure method of encryption than PGP. Having PGP support the Keychain would be like giving everyone a "free move" when attempting to break into your files--they'd have to crack a lesser key to access the passwords than they would to access the PGP'd file.
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