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cybermav Sep 30, 1999 08:39 AM
Stuffit and OS9 not working
FC3 ran Stuffit with no problems. FC4 caused stuffit to say I need an updated version of the program and does not work at all. Anyone else have this problem?? Dan
wlonh Sep 30, 1999 11:21 AM
according to

ATM and ATR are not the only significant software that is currently incompatible with Mac OS 9. Other confirmed conflicting programs are Stuffit Deluxe, Suitcase, MasterJuggler, Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities' File Saver and Virex 6.0 (but apparently not 5.9).

For example, readers noted that Virex (the control panel and perhaps the Scheduler extension) causes a bus error crash at startup. A couple of readers found that MindExpander worked in situations (primarily when trying to expand .sit files) where StuffIt would fail.

wlonh sez:
Apple has RECENTLY removed some API's from OS9 and that breaks some softwares..

and this, from

Apparently Apple have moved or deleted an API in OS 9 that allows several well known and/or essential extensions to operate. Therefore until these extensions are modified/patched they will crash the computer or not load.
The most important of these extensions is any version of Adobe Type Manager (ATM, ATM Light and ATM DeLuxe). As it is virtually impossible/very difficult to operate a computer using PostScript Type One fonts without ATM, users everywhere who jump in and install OS 9 could be in for a very rough time.
The other major extensions known to have problems are-
Stuffit Deluxe
Norton AntiVirus
Norton Utilities File Saver

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adept1 Oct 2, 1999 12:59 AM
OS 9.0f9 includes Stuffit Expander 5.1.4 I noticed. I think the current "release" version is 5.1.3. I bet the problems are fixed.


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