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ZooTV Sep 30, 1999 09:34 AM
OS 9 Probs
Some problems i have encountered with Mac OS 9: When you boot up, sometimes, but sometimes not, it will tell you that all of your USB devices are using too much power, and even if i restart without even touching my USB devices, it wont give me the same message.
wlonh Sep 30, 1999 11:30 AM
well it is a beta release, ya know... sorry i'm not more helpful but hey, beta is as beta does!

run your usual diagnostic/repair utils, rebuild the desktop, zap the PRAM, trash the Finder Pref's, etc etc etc and see what happens... `8-)
JessamyG3 Oct 1, 1999 01:50 PM
A lot of problems will be fixed when Mac OS 9 debuts. An updated version of Stuffit Expander and StuffIt are included with the Mac OS 9 distribution. So fret not.
Pat James Oct 1, 1999 04:11 PM
There's going to be a new release of Stuffit Expnder with OS 9?! Where and when did this come out?
typoon Oct 2, 1999 03:16 PM
I have used Toast 3.8 on my Bronze Keyboard Powerbook and it works fine in mac OS 9. No problems using f4 of Mac OS 9. It looks like an Awesome OS release
Kosmo Oct 2, 1999 07:01 PM
With the latest OS9f9, I've had no trouble at all with Stuffit 5, and Suitcase seems to work ok. ATM of course doesn't not work.

All in all, I have no complaints at all. I love the voice login option and Sherlock is great. f9 seems faster than f6 as well. Oh, and I've burnt several CD's with Toast 4 and f9 with no problem what-so-ever.

John Manzione

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FireWire Oct 3, 1999 02:06 AM
I found that Macsbug doesn't work under OS 9f6: the name is changed to Macsbug Obsolete and if I hit Command-Power, I get a programmer's windows instead of Macsbug...
skortze Oct 3, 1999 02:50 PM
The most recent version of MacsBug (6.5.4a7) does work. It is NOT included in the main download file.
FireWire Oct 7, 1999 01:21 AM
Could you send it to me? it is really annoying...
scott Oct 7, 1999 03:57 AM
When you boot up, sometimes, but sometimes not, it will tell you that all of your USB devices are using too much power
How many USB devices are you using, exactly? Power consumption is not a constant with some peripherals.

- Scott
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