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Dr Evil Oct 1, 1999 02:52 PM
OS 9 Sound problems
I haven't been running f6 long enough to try it, but in f4 and down my sound would go mute after a period of inactivity. By logging out and back in again, I solved the problem. I am running a rev 2 Blue G3. Anyone else have this problem?
NeonBoy Oct 3, 1999 05:48 AM
Try trashing Sound Manager Extension if you have it in the Extension folder. After MacOS 8.5 to MacOS 9, it does not need Sound Manager anymore. Throwing it away may help.
abrody Oct 11, 1999 04:45 PM
Careful about the Sound Manager. As I found in MacOS 8.6, disabling the sound manager would create a situation where if you pressed the mute button on a Wall Street Powerbook, you wouldn't get sound again on Quicktime Movies until after you rebooted the Mac several times. Also it would make it so that only the first movie openned by Quicktime would get sound. If you have a Tech Info Library article stating you don't need the Sound Manager anymore, please e-mail me its address.
Thank you.
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