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deaconMPG Jun 12, 2001 01:47 PM
error type 1
B/W G3 350mhz
256 MB RAM
OS 8.6

I have been getting error messages for the past two days, Error type 1. I get it when I launch Internet Explorer 5.0, Outlook Express 5.02, QuarkXpress, and SIMPLE TEXT.

So first step give the progrmas more RAM allocation: that didn't change anything. Next Restart and rebuild desktop, that did nothing. Next Restart and zapped P-Ram. Then deleted programs and reinstalled, even went through system folder and cleaned out preference files the only thing I kept for IE was Favorites.html. That didn't work either.

The sick thing is I still can run Internet Explorer 4.5 fine, and heavy programs like Photoshop and Illustrator still work?!

I guess the next hing I could do is refresh the OS but leave the third party extensions, but I doubt that will help, because the extensions are probably the problem.

Cipher13 Jun 13, 2001 06:11 AM
Try booting with your extension set as "Mac OS Base", and see if the problems go away - running MS apps in this mode will cause them to install all their garbage, but you say SimpleText has the prob, so try running it.

If the prob goes away, then its an extension prob... otherwise, its not.

Reinstall the OS - specifically, the System and Finder files. But first, just trash the Finder Preferences and System Preferences files and reboot to see if that fixes anything...

Have you installed anything recently?

Considered upgrading to OS9?
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