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Billabong Oct 2, 1999 04:17 PM
OS9 with multiple users and Open Transport
Anyone had any problems with gaining access to Open Transport functions when logging into MacOS 9 - i have setup access to all the OT control panels for the user but when trying to open the control panels it comes up with the error that the user does not have the right access privilages.....
Ster Oct 2, 1999 07:07 PM
shot in the dark, but maybe your at the wrong access level in the o/t control panels. at least through os 8.6, the o/t control panels have their own access controls. look under the edit menu, see if there's an option called 'user mode' that might be the thing. either you're not in the right user mode, or there was a password on the 'administrator' user, or something like that.
just an idea,
Billabong Oct 3, 1999 06:54 AM
Nah sorry - the user mode was set to basic, it is strange though as all the other control panels can be accessed fine, just problems with OT control panels including AppleTalk - anyone else having this problem?
Ster Oct 3, 1999 09:59 AM
hello again,
that's the thing: you're set in 'basic' mode, but at some point someone might have used 'administrator' mode, and locked out changes for 'basic' and 'advanced'
just a thought,
tarboshm Oct 3, 1999 08:00 PM
Hmmmm I would wonder why you would be using prerelease software, and if that was a legitimate use, why you'd be posting about it publically.

That said, you might check in your multi user setup concerning permissions. I assume you are using a restricted finder.
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