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FireWire Oct 3, 1999 02:05 AM
"Carbonized" apps
Is there any "carbonized" apps currently available for use with the CabonLib found in OS 9?
NeonBoy Oct 3, 1999 05:44 AM
What does the CarbonLib do in MacOS 9?, it is safe to throw it away?
Billabong Oct 3, 1999 06:48 AM
I think Adobe Photoshop 5 is a carbonised app.
Medazinol Oct 3, 1999 12:40 PM
The CarbinLib in Mac OS 9 provides support for "Carbon" updated programs that will ultimatly make the transition to Mac OS X client smoother. At this time there are NO Carbonized apps released *yet*.

A Carbon app will run on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. Is allows developers to bring legacy Mac apps to Mac OS X without rewriting the complete application from scratch. You also get the features we've been needing for many years: preemtive multitasking, memory protection, SMP and much more. But only is you have Carbon apps.

PhotoShop has not been Carbonized yet. What you think you saw was a Carbonized PhotoShop 5.0 that has hastily ported for the WWDC 98 conference. The shipping version is NOT Carbonized.

Hope this helps!
Mafoo Oct 3, 1999 02:21 PM
I know as a fact that Outlook Express 5 is carbonised.
ZooTV Oct 3, 1999 03:12 PM
Don't really know if Outlook Express is carbonized...that would mean that only users using Mac OS X Server, and Mac OS 9 would be able to use it. Apple will realease carbon libraires for use with Mac OS 8.1 or higher, but it isn't known when this will happen.

scott Oct 3, 1999 04:39 PM
Don't really know if Outlook Express is carbonized...that would mean that only users using Mac OS X Server, and Mac OS 9 would be able to use it.
Actually, only people using Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X DR1 would be able to. Mac OS X Server does not yet support Carbon apps.

Aside from product maintenance issues, I can't think of any reason an application couldn't be a hybrid: Carbon-based and Classic -- just like PPC/68k FAT. It would be a pain to maintain, though. As ZooTV says, this will be resolved after Carbon libraries are available for Mac OS 8.1.

- Scott

Scott Stevenson
Contributing Editor,

shopsinm Oct 3, 1999 07:50 PM
No developer can release carbonized applications yet because of Apple's NDA. To get the Carbon libraries you need early access to MacOS 9. And to have early access you have to be a registered Apple devloper and have signed their NDA. So I've carbonized my application but I cannot release the carbon version yet.

However Apple has publicly stated that they will get carbon to work under MacOS 8.x as a library. So carbon will work under 8.x the way the appearance control panel works under 7.x. So you should see a fair amount of shareware support carbon soon and commercial software will follow later.
crusher4 Oct 4, 1999 12:25 AM
The new stcript editor is carbon lib relieant....if u dont got it it dont work
Andrew Oct 11, 1999 12:06 PM
Obviously none of you are using Anarachie, or at least read the release notes! ;-)

One of the first few points is that it's been carbonized.
ericnear Oct 11, 1999 04:41 PM
Telnet3 is carbonized. For those of you who don't know Kevin Grant has continued development on the former NCSA Telnet.
Le Flaneur Oct 14, 1999 12:52 AM
Not so clear, crusher4. If Anarchie used Carbon, then why would it run on versions of the MacOS previous to 9? I haven't seen the Carbon libraries released to the general public yet for inclusion in earlier versions of the OS...
Lord Kenja Oct 15, 1999 10:50 AM
Ok. You should NOT throw out Carbon Lib. Carbon Lib implements the Carbon API (or at least the things that is not implementet anywhere else. The rest is just pass-throughs - for instance the new data browser that will make finder-like lists). I don't know if the system uses it (I seriously suspect it does. Making it easier for Apple to transfer code to MacOS X). But new and updated apps will count on it being there.

The API's will be released in a version that will work in MacOS 8.x sometime soon.

There's nothing wrong in making 'Carbon' apps. The SDK may be under NDA. But that don't exclude a developer from releasing apps that have been compiled agains the headers in it.

And lastly. Let's get this straight. Carbon apps are NOT something new and fancy. Most of the API's used have been in MacOS at LEAST since MacOS 8 (there's some new and some that's been changed). Carbon is just a spec of API's that Apple have committed to transfer to MacOS X.

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