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Rapsodan Oct 3, 1999 03:45 PM
PGP Disk
If you own PGP Disk 1.x, some time ago, be aware that you'll not be able to open any images disk that you have create in the past. MacOS 9.0 simply refuse to open PGP Disk, and suggesting to find updates. Since I beleive this product is discontinued, you'll be in trouble!
plisken451 Oct 5, 1999 01:00 PM
Or, somebody smarter than me could get the source code from, and fix the problem with this wonderful tool. From what I understand, it's a problem with Apple changing the FCB struct under OS9.
Mario Alessi Oct 6, 1999 10:25 AM
The site


PGPdisk is a program that lets you create encrypted disk partitions. Earlier, PGPdisk was a stand-alone program, but it is now integrated with PGP. PGPdisk is included with PGPfreeware 6.0.2i, which you can download here:

Download PGP 6.02i for MacOS @

Download PGP 6.02i for Windows 95/98/NT @

As of version 6.5.1, PGPdisk is not longer included with the freeware versions. If you want PGPdisk 6.5.1 or later, you can buy one of the commercial versions, or you can download the evaluation version [Windows|Mac]. It is also possible to compile PGPdisk yourself from the source code (when available).

Mario Alessi
plisken451 Oct 6, 1999 03:02 PM
Um...I've got the source code to PGPDisk. It _is_ available. Go to, and DL the source to pgp6.0.2i. Therein the source to PGPDisk is found. I however, don't know the first thing about Mac-specific programming. From what I've heard, PGPDisk gives the same error (119) that Stuffit Expander 5.1 gives. It may very well be a simple fix. I dunno.
Cyphers Oct 6, 1999 10:24 PM
PGPdisk 6.5.1 or above is required for MacOS 9 compatibility. It is available for online purchase at Remember, it isn't in the freeware version, you need to buy it.
strobe Oct 13, 1999 01:50 PM
The 119 error is due to an application accessing the FCB table (file control block). Apple has for a long time said this will not be supported in the future, but even developers like Adobe (with ATM) don't change until the new OS release.
On disk encryption we should advocate software using CDSA, which apple now supports
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