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Mark N Oct 6, 1999 12:18 AM
Mac OS Up-to-Date
Apparently the Up-to-Date program is back. I purchased a Bronze Powerbook 2 weeks ago. Since it fell within the suspended month, does anyone know if I'll get an upgrade price. AppleCare wasn't aware that the plan was reinstated.
wlonh Oct 6, 1999 04:09 AM
yesterday, MacNN reported:

Apple has posted new info about its Mac OS-Up-To-Date program, which offers Mac OS 9 for $20 to all Mac purchases on or after "the official Mac OS 9 introduction date" (today). However, Apple is extending it to all purchases of Power Mac G4 and iBook systems regardless of purchase date.
abrody Oct 11, 1999 04:41 PM
Actually, the MacOS 9 upgrade for older versions of the MacOS (8.5 and 8.6) is a $20 rebate on the retail price paid to MacOS 9, and not a $20 price on the MacOS 9 package. Which means the price for someone with 8.5 or 8.6 and an older Mac is around $69 - $79 depending on where they shopped, and not $20 as previously posted. If somebody knows where a person with a WallStreet G3/233 and MacOS 8.6 can get MacOS 9 for $20 flat, please reply to my e-mail address below.
Thank you.
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