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Muahdib Jun 14, 2001 07:12 PM
Problem with email
I'm having a problem with my email at It keeps asking for my password. I know the password is right because I can log into the iTools site with no problem. Anyone else having problems checking their email address?
waffffffle Jun 14, 2001 07:32 PM
This is happening to me as well. I have heard that this once happened to a large number of people in the past, today it happened to me. As far as I know all those people now have new iTools account because they were never able to get their email to work.
Hawkeye_a Jun 14, 2001 07:38 PM
youve gotta be kidding !!!!!!
it isnt working for me either, wtf ?!?!?!? i get my iDisk up, but i cant seem to access my
<couldn't authenticate> Jun 14, 2001 07:40 PM
I've also been having this problem since this afternoon. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, because I don't feel like getting a new account like the previous poster suggested -- that's a lot of mailing lists to re-register to...
rambo47 Jun 14, 2001 07:42 PM
It's just the mail servers. Maybe a power outage in California? My mail account worked fine last night but now I'm getting the same "failed authentication" message. The other day the Apple Support site was down as well. If it's that DoS virus, then it serves them right for using a Wintel-based server system!
dviant Jun 14, 2001 08:02 PM
I've been having the same problem since this morning. Most of the time I get the password message. Sometimes it would check mail ok (seemingly). But it would come up with no new messages, even though I know I should have some in there.

Hopefully it's not "eating" them... nothing more annoying than having people sending e-mail to a black hole with it bouncing or anything.

Funny thing about relying on free e-mail server... there's nobody to call to find our whats wrong! Damn.


Thunderbird Jun 14, 2001 08:36 PM
The following message was posted on Apple's support forums...


We continue to pursue a resolution to the current email issue. We do appreciate everyone's patience and understanding, and want to assure you that mail sent to you during this period will not be lost.

Mail sent to your account during this period will be re-queued for later delivery by the originating server. This re-queue period will vary depending on the re-send schedule of that server. We will post back to this forum once this is resolved.

Thank you,
Apple Support Discussion
dviant Jun 14, 2001 11:07 PM
It seems to work again now. I recieved an e-mail just a short while ago. Hopefully all the other stuff I was supposed to get today will show up tomorrow. Thanks for info Thunderbird.

C-Eye Jun 14, 2001 11:16 PM
nope - it's not fixed yet. I too have been having the exact problem all afternoon and now tonight.

weird thing is it's only one of my emails that fails to authenticate...
Hawkeye_a Jun 15, 2001 12:05 PM
seems to be working today for me
rambo47 Jun 16, 2001 08:35 AM
They're getting it sorted out, but it still fades in and out. All the email will get to you, nothing lost in the system. However it may take some time for it all to arrive. I didn't get my eBay confirms until 12 hours after came back up. But I did get it eventually.

A while back, maybe 3 months ago, some folks did lose some mail. That was when the entire system went down. Not just the servers for outgoing mail. An upgrade at has apparently added redundancy so this will not happen again. Or so I'm told.
SunSeeker Jun 16, 2001 08:37 AM
My wife had this problem on and off for 2 days, I also have a friend who has an itools account where everything works except for the email password authentication. It's funny, in her case you can check the mail through but this didn't work with for my wifes account.

Where is that itools support forum mentioned above?
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