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poetry Jun 15, 2001 08:37 AM
How do u no if your running Classic.
Iv'e just installed os X and have had the Classic load then it shuts down at the end?Is this normal and when it loads in os X and shuts down, is Classic running in the os X environment. :confused:
bigbird 07 Jun 15, 2001 09:54 AM
It's supposed to. If you launch a classic app you will see the menu's change to OS 9 menu's. You can also tell by opening the control panel and clicking on "Classic" to see if it's running.

Hope this helps
maxelson Jun 15, 2001 10:26 AM
COnsider classic to be the little computer inside your computer. ONce you've launched classic, it will stay up until you either quit it manually, it crashes (yeah, that happens sometimes) or you log out. It will even sleep to conserve system resources, "awaken" when you launch another classic app. The Classic control panel in system preferences will tell you in big block letters if Classic is up or not. Get to know and love that panel. It is your best friend if you use classic at all. I'd even chuck it into the dock.
poetry Jun 17, 2001 02:46 AM
Cool thanks,it must be crashing as it never stays up and never has.The Classic sites ontop of osX screen right.If so its never worked. :(
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