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strepidus Oct 10, 1999 11:49 PM
Problem with playing OpenGL games in OS 9
I have a beige G3 with an ATI Rage Orion graphics card, and I just upgraded to Mac OS 9.0. The new version of the OS installed new ATI drivers and Open GL 1.1.1.

However, whenever I tried to play a 3D game, like Quake 2, Bugdom, or Q3test, the game would tell me that I need more than 4MB VRAM to run it properly, when my card has 16MB.

So I decided to revert to the ATI drivers from the ATI Universal Installer 4.0.1, and the RAVE games would run properly, but the Open GL games would all crash.

Any ideas?
wlonh Oct 10, 1999 11:55 PM
will OpenGL 1.0 (or other versions if any) work on OS 9?

the perils of upgrading to a new OS before the Apple bugfixes and third-party driver updates are numerous... perhaps you should downgrade completely to 8.6 and wait a few weeks for fixes before using OS 9 again.

I know this is NOT what you want to hear, but it is the only cautious thing to do.

I do not plan on installing OS 9 until maybe the first week of December, we'll see.

NOW, if you are using a recent beta of OS 9, OF COURSE, it should go without saying that you should wait for the GM release to see what results you will have then... BUT I guarantee that MacOS 9 will be quite problematic for the first several weeks for MOST folks UNTIL the Apple bugfixes and third-party drivers 'catch up' with MacOS 9 (this has been the case for the past several MacOS releases, even so, I am very much looking forward to MacOS 9!!)

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strepidus Oct 10, 1999 11:57 PM
Good idea. Actually, I have two startup disks, with OS 9 on one and OS 8.6 on the other, so if I need to play Quake I could just switch startup disks and restart. The experience (other than the bad video drivers) has been positive for the most part.
scott Oct 11, 1999 03:15 AM
The other option is to wait until the OS is actually officially released.

- Scott
hayesk Oct 11, 1999 01:32 PM
It has been released. The data was supposedly Oct. 23 - but some customers have received theirs already.
moonraker Oct 11, 1999 03:09 PM
make sure you have reinstalled Mesa3dfxEngine.

Thats your problem


wlonh Oct 11, 1999 03:09 PM
others are having probs:

ATI Nexus 128 conflict? A reader found that "the new OpenGL extensions conflict with the drivers to the ATI Nexus 128 card in my beige 266 G3. I cannot run any game such as Quake 2 or 3. Also, the Finder crashes every time after booting the computer. The problem was solved by replacing the newer OpenGL extensions with version 1.0.
(from MacFixit)
strepidus Oct 11, 1999 05:12 PM
I've found a solution! The problem was that MacOS 9's not installing the ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator extension. I had to open up the Installation Tome with Tomeviewer and extract that file. Afterwards, everything worked fine. Maybe the person with Nexus 128 problems can do the same thing...
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