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rotuts Jun 18, 2001 04:24 PM
shut down problems (9.1 B&W)

I may have some strange system corruption. Several things happen most noticeable is when I shutdown with the menubar my compputer ususlly just restarts. sometimes the on/off button on the tower works, some time it just restarts.

when restarted the cursor is sometimes frozen, sometimes not. sometimes I only see 1/2 of my control strip, sometimes the whole thing. I then Push the restart button and the diagnostics run

I sometimes use DiskWarrior to rebuild the directory. nothing ever fixes this permanently.

of note when I use YetAnotherNewWatcher 5.0.1 I get the message that the cache was damaged, and repared then the message "Error -50(87)"

its a chicken/egg thing don't know what starts this, nor how to end it. don't recall any new software or ext/ints.

I have a B&W G3 350Mz with 640MB of RAM

anyhelp greatly appreciated.

Randycat2001 Jun 18, 2001 08:13 PM
Have you done the trash the finder and system preference files already?
ddiokno Jun 19, 2001 10:41 AM
Hi Rotuts,
Have you tried starting from a CD to see if you encounter these same problems? If, when started from a CD, you don't experience these problems, then it is definitely an issue with your hard drive and/or system.
If it is a system issue, try doing a clean install which would move your existing folder to a new folder called previous system. (this would require you to either reinstall all of your programs that use system extensions/control panels, or to "mine through" your previous system to find the appropriate extensions/control panels and preferences).
If it is a hard drive issue, then the best bet would be to back-up all of your files , reformat the drive (which would lock-out the bad areas of your drive so that they woudln't be written to), and reinstall everthing.
Another option is to try running another disk utility like Norton or TechTool. Disk Warrior is great, but is confined to only fixing directory issues, and not other problems which one of the other ones might.
good luck and let us know...
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