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anevay Oct 11, 1999 01:20 PM
Mac OS 9 new features Questions
I read the developer notes for Mac OS 9. It seems that parts of the Mac OS have been redesigned to support long files names and file forks over 2GB.

Does anyone know if files with forks over 2GB are actually supported or if they are suppored under certain conditions like the file only has a data fork?

Can we now use 256 character files names or more characters than Mac OS 8.6 will allow?

Does the updated Open Transport finally support multihoming? The kind that allows a single protocal like AppleTalk, TCP/IP, etc. to work over multiple interfaces. e.g. TCP/IP over your local network for a Intranet and a PPP connection for Internet access at the same time?

Last, What does the documentation mean when it says that long file names are not preserved in copies? As far as I know 31 characters have always been preserved when a copy occurs and there has never been support for nore than files with more than 31 characters in their name.

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