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olik Oct 11, 1999 02:24 PM
living without ATM?
How should I live without ATM? E.g. You can't include Type 1 fonts in Macromedia Flash-movies or print documents on inkjet printers!
A software-RIP enables to print on non-postscript printers but is there a workaround for Flash?
FM Oct 13, 1999 02:21 PM
Try the shareware from Greg Landwebber, Smooth Type. Ist is OS9 ready and does a nice job of smoothing on screen, it might not help with printing issues though. Hopefully it wont be too long for ATM, Apple and Adoge are working on it now.
wlonh Oct 13, 1999 03:09 PM
and search the MacNN forum, keyword: ATM

lotsa info
NeonBoy Oct 14, 1999 06:15 PM
If you only need it to managed fonts file and organized it you can still try Suitcase 8, or Font Reserved. ATM is still pretty great thought but eat a lot of your rams and sometime it hard to manage fonts because you have to drag the fonts suitcase out of your system for ATM to regcognized it. There will be an update soon I heard that work with MacOS 9.
wlonh Oct 15, 1999 05:22 AM
ATM 3.9 will work with MacOS 9, according to a report at MacInTouch...

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Herr Newton Oct 15, 1999 10:53 AM
No... you need ATM. Why? Without ATM, QuickDraw cannot produce a WYSIWYG image from a PostScript font--it just scales the pixelated bitmaps.
BUZZ/studios Oct 15, 1999 02:03 PM
When ya come right down to it, life without ATM is unacceptable. Life without Premier is unacceptable, and the shear load of random crashes I've been getting from my computer is beginning to piss me off (yes i'm running on a clean-installed no 3rd party except ATI machine). Why can't Apple time a OS release with software updates from other companies across the board with incompatible software? if not that at least with "biggies" like strata atm and premier! Grr... where's that 8.6 CD, its lying around here somewhere...
wlonh Oct 15, 1999 03:48 PM

ATM 3.9 will work with MacOS 9, according to a report at MacInTouch...

BUZZ/studios Oct 15, 1999 04:17 PM
Wow.... 3.9 works huh? Hmm.... if only I HAD 3.9! or knew somewhere that sold it....

-Nick Senior
NeonBoy Oct 15, 1999 05:14 PM
ATM 4.5 suddenly become ATM 3.9?. Hmmm...that's weired, shouldn't the version go up like 5.0 not drop to 3.9?. ATM 3.9 is probably a Lite version. I heard if you want the greater ATM you have to buy it. The ATM Lite is free to ATM user I think.
Takeo Oct 15, 1999 09:44 PM
I just read that MacOS 9 compatible versions of ATM and ATR will be released on October 23.
wlonh Oct 16, 1999 12:22 AM
the thought was that MAYBE if you're in a business that has required ATM for many years, you MIGHT have an archived copy of ATM 3.9 or a CD of it or...

rph Oct 16, 1999 04:44 PM
I'm happy that ATM is no longer needed with Acrobat Reader 4, at least I can read all my pdf manuals.

Adobe wrote to a friend of mine that they were working on fixing the problem "timely" and had some things working.
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