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kleznik Jun 22, 2001 01:00 PM
HELP!!! Screen refresh rates settings...
Hello folks. I've got a problem.

A couple of months ago, my computer started listing in the "monitors" control panel the recommended refresh rates for my monitor as 160 MHz. This is not so much of a problem unto itself until a few days ago when I accidentally clicked on such a rate. You see, if you pick a non-recommended refresh rate, it waits ten seconds and switches you back if you don't acknowledge that the monitor is displaying things ok. Recommended refresh rates get no such confirmation, so my computer switched and I was stuck with a non functional screen. Rebooting did not help, it just went right ahead and used the "recommended" refresh rate again. Finally, I was able to around this by zapping my PRAM during restart and then the computer came up with a reasonable refresh rate. On the other hand, it still thinks that 160 MHz is the recommended refresh rate. Furthermore, yesterday my computer once again started up at an impossible refresh rate for my monitor. Again, zapping the PRAM fixed things, but I don't want to have to do this every time this happens.

<font color = red>My question is this: is there a place where one can manually set the "recommended" refresh rates for your monitor?</font>

BTW: I am running Mac OS 9.04 on a power computing power tower system with a 500 MHz G3 cpu upgrade and a 3fx voodoo 5 video card.

Thanks for any help!

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