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GuruMeditation Jun 24, 2001 05:54 AM
Simple question...What does this do?
Been using macs for a while, but I just noticed this: If you command click the title of a folder or drive window it highlights it, but I haven't figured out the use of that...

Could anyone tell me what that is about?

More curious than anything.
pete.z Jun 24, 2001 07:11 AM
edit,wrong reply..... :o :o :o

[ 06-25-2001: Message edited by: pete.z ]
Cipher13 Jun 24, 2001 09:30 AM
Go to a deeper directory and do it.
You get a navigation menu to all folders containing your currently active one.
GuruMeditation Jun 25, 2001 02:51 AM
Excellent Cypher! Thank you for the answer!

Bugs Bunny Jun 25, 2001 03:06 AM
I notice IE supports this, but not Netscape
<Jonnie13> Jun 25, 2001 08:01 AM
While I don't use IE, I think that is a very useful feature. I visit many sites where navigating file paths would be appropriate and expeditious. A future nicety for icab perhaps? --I doubt it!
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